Mig-21bis NEEDS a lower BR

It is TERRIBLE at 11.0. It cannot turn fight, it cannot kill reliably, and it constantly gets BODDIED since all it fights is mig29s and f16s. When will gaijin “LoOk At ThE sTaTiStIcS” and fix the bis?


The thing CAN do decent in downtiers, but how will it get them when over half the hightier playerbase is 11.7 12.0? ALL it fights is that. Maybe JUST maybe you get the miracle downtier, but how can you do good in it if you couldnt research anything for the jet because of how terrible all the previous games were so you’re still stock even after 2 weeks? The thing needs a buff or needs to be put at 10.7.

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Its even worse for the finnish one since its an END OF LINE VEHICLE. It makes the grind nearly impossible without using GE.

The Mig-21 SMT is quite potent already at 10.7. Downtiering a better version of it wouldn’t be healthy for the game. The higher br Mig-21 playstyle is reversing enemy aircraft (if that helps).


idk im doing pretty fine in my Bis-Sau

ofc can’t use it as a Frontline furball fighter anymore but as support it’d very nice

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No. Mig21SMT could easily be 10.7 and bis is a straight up upgrade in every aspect, the 11.0 is well suited and quite honestly bis feels good on that br. If you want tk make a valueable post, compare bis to other 11.0s and 10.7 instead of comparing it to obviously better planes that it can meet only in full uptiers.


What we need is a BR increase for other vehicles.

British Phantoms are OK at 11.3 so they should stay there. They are worse than American versions in every way

F-4E>11.3 (American and Israeli versions only , Japanese one is trash without agile eagle upgrade)



F-14B/F-16/ Mig-29/Mirage 2000F>12.3


F-16C/ F-16 OBAMA > 13.0


What we need is a new match maker, what is the point of being put against higher tier. What is the point in giving anything a br if you going to put it against stronger units. SO YOU LOSE


The SMT is 10.3. It can and WILL fight jets that cannot be matched by it. The Bis is 11.0. it ONLY fights jets that are better than it. And how can you reverse when the missiles that the enemies fire can do a complete 90 degree turn and kill you while you’re flaring? The SMT is good at its BR, the Bis isnt.

In every aspect? Bis is only better since it has a more streamlined fuselage and carries 2 extra missiles. The bis is 10.7 through and through, while the SMT is 10.3 through and through.

The SMT to me is pretty balanced at 10.3. For sure it could go up to 10.7 no sweat (in fact many argue it should) but its not op were it is. The F-5E and F-8E are both great planes as well at similar brs.

The BIS however is simply straight up a better version than the SMT. Its engine is much better to the SMT’s. The BIS also carries much more missiles of that are also of higher quality as well.

I do think the BIS is fine were it is. The problem of the BIS being outclassed only happens due to jets a full br higher than it like F-16 and Mig-29 being so popular (which is the same thing that happens to tanks at 10.3/7 being dragged into 11.3/7 matches not infrequently). Compared to other 11.0 br jets its not bad at all.

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It gets absolutely bodied by F-16s and the like.
But it’d absolutely body 9.7s even more.
Just a compression situation :/

My main problem with it is the utterly useless (though accurate, unfortunately) RWR. That and the near constant 12.0 uptiers.

The only way to use it is to stay super low and notch and flare every time you get locked, and hope for the best and that your countermeasures don’t run out.

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Do you have any idea how wrong you are? Good against other 11.0 jets? The only good thing about the Bis at 11.0 compared to other 11.0 jets is its speed. Its fast. Thats it. No good long range capabilities like most other 11.0s. No good dogfighting abilities like other 11.0s. No good guns. Only has semi-decent missiles that easily get flared. Doesn’t have a way to survive if an enemy gets behind you. The thing is terrible compared to other 11.0s. It needs to be 10.7 or it will continue to be one of the worst jets at 11.0. Sure, I get that you can argue that it’d be able to fight 9.7, but what’s the problem? There’s plenty 9.7 jets that’d easily beat it. And plus, you’re mostly gonna fight 10.0 and 10.3 at 10.7 because that’s where most premiums are at.

I stated it in the comment before, it is just a more streamlined version with TWO MORE slightly better missiles. It might get a better engine, but that better engine wont help the fact that you lose speed instantly.

The BR for jets must be fixed from 8.0 to top tier.
Please STOP asking for this jet should be lowered or this one.
That’s destroying whole BR everytime gaijin agree this stupidity.
The toptier must be raised to (at least) 15.0 and then you can decompress below.


Mate, it’s an exceptional dogfighter. I’ve out fought F-16s with it on a number of occasions. Its AoA capabilities, responsiveness, roll rate, turn time, and stall characteristics are all pretty exceptional.
Now, dogfighting hasn’t been meta for years, but don’t discredit the 21bis its biggest strength!

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If they let the F5E stay at 10.7 (best 10.7 rn), a plane that can actually function at 11.0+, I see no reason why the MiG21Bis shouldn’t be 10.7 when it’s already completely obsolete at 11.0+


As other people have said this is a compression issue. Everything from 8.0 to 11.3 is massively turbscrewed ATM. The MiG-21 and all the other 11.0/11.3s getting bodied by F-16s and MiG-29s is just one of many issues that plague jet tiers that needs to be addressed and soon.

Moving the MiG-21Bis or any other jet at it’s BR down will not fix the issue but instead further add to it.

We need to expand the BR ceiling to 13.0/13.7 or higher even and move aircraft accordingly, and this goes for several aircraft all the way from 8.7 to 12.

It needs to be done to not only fix the issue of 11.0 aircraft getting clubbed but to also fix the domino effect balancing that has screwed the 8.3 to 10.3 balancing area in particular.

To put it one way. In the same way the MiG-21bis, F-104S and the other 11.0s don’t need to be fighting F-16s and MiG-29s.

Flareless planes don’t need to be fighting planes carrying all aspect and high G missiles.

And by extension 8.3 jets don’t need to be fighting 9.3 MiG-19s, 21s and F-104s that they are either at an extreme disadvantage to or have no ability to counter whatsoever.

This can all be easily fixed by expanding the top BR bracket, moving select aircraft up and even going so far as to put in a sort of BR block so for example the generation of aircraft without flares or high G all aspect missiles don’t have to fight aircraft with those.


I’m in favour of in addition to top jets going up, bottom jets going down for more jet/prop mixes battles.
Though that’s apparently very unpopular opinion lol.

And what about top tier CAS? Would ground need a full BR change too? Or are future F-111s/Su-24s etc going to be unable to participate in ground battles?

That’s bullocks. You and I both know that. The ability to bleed speed quickly allows it to get behind enemies very fast and with a good instantaneous turn rate you have a few turns to get guns on target before all your energy is bled.

Personally I find the R-3R decent enough to just take one for niche scenarios. But this isn’t uncommon for a jet to have sub par radar missiles or even none at all in the 11.0 br range.

Actually 6. It gets 6 R-60Ms over the 4 regular R-60s. Its a massive improvement armament wise even if the R-60M alone isn’t much better than a reg R-60 according to you, in the end it is still better with 6 slightly better missiles to 4 slightly worse missiles.

I’m not saying that. I’m saying the BIS is were it should be right now but the entire br is too compressed. If the BIS didn’t have to fight F-16 and Mig-29 it would do all right. Also what? It wouldn’t easily be beaten by any 9.7 in game. The following aircraft are 9.7

Mig-23BN - No flares, ez win for BIS
AV-8C/Harrier GR.3 - No maneuverability and no speed, ez win for BIS
Hunter F.6 - No flares, ez win for BIS
T-2 - No flares, ez win for BIS
Q-5L - No flares, ez win for BIS
G.91 YS - Lol. Lmao even, ez win for BIS

There is no 9.7 that could beat the Mig-21 BIS unless the pilot of the BIS crashed himself straight into the ground.