Mig-21bis NEEDS a lower BR

And that is where you are wrong. Bis gets better, lightweighted fuselage and most importantly better engine, which botg results in better manouvrebility, better thrust to weight ratio, better acceleration and better turn. On top of that you get 4 much better rear aspect missiles (R13 are probably best rear aspects in game) and ability to switch 2 of them with 4 all aspects.

Get good the bis has no place on 10.7 while smt could surely be there given how easily you can dunk on subsonics and flareless planes.

What they need to do for that is implement a separate BR spread for planes in ARB and GRB. Why it hasn’t been done yet is beyond me as there is nothing stopping them from doing it and it’s not like they haven’t done separate BRs for different game modes before (SIM and Arcade).


4 R60M, 2 R-13, potential downtier to 10.0 and you still fucking whine>

A-10 is like 10.3 with 4 Aim-9L lmao, your point

Mig-23BN - No flares, ez win for F5E
AV-8C/Harrier GR.3 - No maneuverability and no speed, ez win for F5E
Hunter F.6 - No flares, ez win for F5E
T-2 - No flares, ez win for F5E
Q-5L - No flares, ez win for F5E
G.91 YS - Lol. Lmao even, ez win for F5E

This is why 10.7BR F-5E was one of the huge mistakes in that BR ranges.
At the least, they could give x4 AIM-9J loadouts or AIM-9Ls that was used on US NAVY service and stay at 11.0BR.

nah its american it would stay at 10.7

A-10 is a slow fat pig, people who cant kill this thing are already questionable.

Doesn’t matter, nothing you can do if you have no flares most of the time

Could you give me the zip code to where you’re moving the goal post?

This discussion isn’t about the F-5E (which is arguably undertiered) its about the BIS and the fact that the following statement about the BIS:

is wrong.

The mig-21bis does need better missiles for it’s BR, especially the premium version. The R60s are horrible and get flared out so easy.

Ah yes, you mention all the subpar 9.7s instead of all the 9.7s that can easily body the bis and the 9.7s that are on par with the bis. And I get it, r60ms are better than r60s, but having 2 more slightly better missiles is not good enough to be 11.0. The thing’s flight performance MIGHT be as you say it is spaded, but its impossible to spade it as it stands now. And where can you get the “few turns” that you say it has? You lose almost all speed on the first turn, get below 400km/h on the second turn, and hit the ground halfway through the third turn. Especially the swedish one that is an end of line jet so its RP cost is doubled. Every game, you get MAYBE one kill on an unsuspecting victim, and after that, you have 19 aim9ls 7 sparrows, and 3 phoenixes you need to dodge. (overexaggerating, i know, but my point is there.) And 11.0s having subpar radar missiles? The ones that do are the strike aircraft and the maritime fighters. Most of the rest have at least a skyflash or a skyflash equivalent that might be slightly better or slightly worse.

F104, 9.7. On par with the bis for speed and reversal capabilities. Only lacks flares and has aim9bs. Could easily win against a BIS in a dogfight or headon.
AV8C, good amount of flares, has aim9gs, is good in a dogfight, could easily gun the bis.
Hunter F.58, has amazing dogfight capabilities, can easily outturn and outgun the bis, PLUS has upgraded aim9bs that can and WILL body the bis.
T-2, no flares (can use rockets as flares), but good missiles, great speed, and great maneuverability. Can and will win against a bis in a fight.
G91 YS, can and WILL outturn it, can and WILL outgun it, can and WILL use rockets as flares, can and WILL win in a dogfight. Can and WILL win in a headon.
Why dont I continue? Oh wait, I used most of the jets you said would be bodied by the bis. Too bad you’re wrong.

4 r60ms which get flared easily, 2 r13s which are useless in any position other than flat rear-aspect and easily get flared if the enemy kills burner and turns.

No, it doesn’t.

I play the Lazur-M(Same aircraft iirc.) and have gotten like… what, 2 Aces with it?
The issue isn’t the aircraft it’s the BR compression. You’re advocating for further compression and that’s just an outrageously terrible idea.

You should only be advocating for decompression. Any other stance is a sin against fair play.

I mentioned literally every TT 9.7 fighter aircraft.

I mean if you are pulling quick hi g 90 degree turns yeah your gonna run out of energy quick but you shouldn’t be doing that in a BIS or ANY Mig-21 for that matter unless facing incredibly inferior opponents in a one vs one and even then due diligence is required.

Its not 9.7 its 9.3. Also the F-104 at 9.3 would get bodied by an R-60M with no way to dodge or flare it.

Lol. LMAO even. The BIS is miles more maneuverable and faster than the AV-8. You get infinite chances to boom and zoom over and over again on an AV-8.

No the F. 58 can’t outrun the BIS. Also the BIS has flares making the F. 58 missiles worthless.

Rockets only work as flares reliably in frontal aspect. And great maneuverability on the T-2 INCLUDING rocket pods? What a joke.

Is this… is this satire?

Like really. Is this all satire? None of the aircraft at 9.7 can out run the BIS, most can’t even defend from an R-60M. Or do you just have a massive skill issue?


It is like reading a very poorly made fanfiction. None of those statements are true, its just you trying to bend reality to your liking because of your skill issue and lack of knowledge.


Did I say the F.58 or the G91 could outrun it? And no, rockets work in ALL ASPECTS due to the heat they give. And since when was boom and zoom “maneuverability”? Its just flying straight then turning back. Plus, do you even REALIZE how good the F.58 missiles are? They nearly IGNORE flares in full rear aspect.

LOL What.

Their missiles are still AIM-9P that is still easy to dodge when you flares.

I have no idea what games are you playing. At the least, you don’t play ARB in War Thunder.

No, I ONLY play ARB, and it STILL ignores flares.