Mig 21-S ruin my gaming experience because of its BR

Let Someone do something ! Mig 21-S ruin my gaming experience… I’ll stop War Thunder because of it. My last game, the Mig 21 did 14 kills. When he plays well no one can kill him and no one is having fun at all !

Was it that one crazy guy from youtube, Aeolilaielpopeae or however that’s spelled?

At any rate, high tier jets in arcade seem to be a nightmare from which there is no escape. I’ve never played it but it sounds like a horrific combination of spawncamping, jets with weird balance because of infinite missiles, high skill clans running around that always 4man, and other ridiculousness.

You might be better off just switching over to RB. I swear I’m not one of those RB elitists, it’s just that arcade air seems to be neglected and increasingly insane as you progress towards top tier. Honestly, RB is the same way, but in AB it appears to be turned up to 11.

Play RB like a normal person instead

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mig 21’s are ridiculous, but you are playing arcade.
Not saying its anything diff in RB tho!


But it’s exactly the same problem in RB. It’s even worth because it’s even more frustrating.

The MiG-21S isn’t too scary in RB. Unless you’re flying an 8.7-9.0 subsonic, but if so basically every supersonic is going to give you the same problems. What about the MiG-21S is specifically giving you issues?