MIG-15 bis BR issue

The Italian’s tech tree MIG-15 has too high of a BR.
The matches go from 8.7 till 9.7.
It litteraly has no chance. Everything is faster, more mobile, and most have missiles, and supersonic speeds.
The playstyle is to stick to the ground and ground pound, and if theres a chance, you can get a kill if someone is not paying attention.

My suggestion would be to take the MIG-15 down to 8.3 or 8.0 so it can still play in the 7.3-8.3 bracket.
Then it would have a fighting chance and would be more fun to play.

Thank you! :)


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Can you tell me why you think aircraft like the F2H-2 stand a chance against an aircraft as good as the MiG-15Bis?

Better yet, what 9.7 aircraft are you struggling against?

Honestly the main problem with the Italian-Hungarian MIG that it lacks everything that the jets from 9.7 use. Missiles, mainly. Supersonic speed, rwr, and radar. Of course, since its an aircraft from the 50’s.

Years ago it was perfectly fine against the Sabre for example, thats also 8.3. I dont see, the reason behind the decision to make it 8.7. I could be wrong and im totaly okay with that. But i think “one of the last dogfighters” need to be at the same BR.

The MiG-15bis is right where it’s supposed to be. Wait for the proper BR rotation and you’ll be fine.

Well, i would like to play this plane in proper simulator battles, enduring confrontation. Not the ground battle variant. Thats the problem really. 8.7 and 9.7 is really different.

Air is what I am referring to. The BR brackets rotate every two days.


Thank you for that information

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Well you’ll be happy to know that the Mig-15bis currently stands to move down to 8.3 with the next batch of br changes

That’s for RB, not Sim.

Whoops, wasn’t clear that this topic was on sim :P

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Huh? Did they announce something? Saber vs Mig15 was the most fun I ever had

It was moved to 8.3 before, but went back up

The planned br changes for soon tm

Jesus christ OP has no idea

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read the tags its about simulator battles not realistic … read before commenting


why exactly would that matter? not like 15bis isnt far better than the planes he wants to only fight against in sim too

Mig15bis is a monster when flown right.
You are super strong in the vertical, outturn almost everything and your cannons really kick ass.

Even against 9.0 or 9.3 you can have a good game, because 95% will try to turnfight you.

The most annoying enemies are good flown 8.3 sea vixens anyway 😅
Not hard, just super annoying.

They are faster than you and will run away until you stop chasing them, only to turn around immediately throwing missiles at you.

But of course you should not expect to be the top dog when playing the 8.7-9-7 bracket.

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I retract my statement, I don’t think it needs to be downtiered but it definitely isn’t as good as air RB after playing it.

Uhh, no…

You have not one, not two, but three 37mm autocannons. These are so powerful that It can kill any aircraft in the game with a single, not even good, half decent shot. Being slow is kind of a perk unless fighting MiG-21’s and F-104’s, as you have better turn and maneuverability. Not to mention I think this thing has two missiles, or am I thinking of the Shenyang?

Why do you speak like you know this for such a fact when you’re full of shit here man? It’s 2x23 and 1x37. Being slow is never a good thing btw.