Mid-map Base AAA so annoying!


I believe that Mid-map Base AAA need to be deleted from the game as they are very annoying! There at least 3 reasons for that which are:

  1. Inconsistency: Not all map have strong mid-map base AAA and I think no one can’t differentiated them until it fired and kill someone.
  2. It make fast bomber strategy unviable: Fast medium bomber like the one that being usually used by German and USSR usually just carry small amount of bomb (not how big it is), so they just could only focus on one or two base at most, hence the strategy with them is dive fast, bomb, and get back to reload. They are build fast for this strategy unlike the big four engine one with many bomb, which strategy is to climb as high as it can. Strong Mid-map base AAA making them unable to carry out their specialization (what they are build for) and need to follow heavy bomber strategy.
  3. Lastly, the Base could appear out of thin air and shot you down!: It happen to me sometime ago. The base is appearing just bellow me while I’m doing ground attack. No time to dodge or speeding out of range. It’s very different than the Airfield AA which already there so it’s not a threat for someone with right mind…


It’s really bad and ruins games at low tier. The last guy was airfield camping so I went for the ground units and just flying 3km past the bombing point I got crippled with a completely yellow plane. It would’ve ruined the entire game if I was the last guy.

Removing the forward airfield aa is almost completely pointless now that an even bigger area is a zone of death just for trying to play the game.