Messed up Air BR

Is anyone else on here getting ridiculously up-tiered? Me and my friends are spading out our 8.7 to 9.3 planes for USA. Every single game we have been up-tiered. It’s not fair for a F3H-2 Demon to be going against MIG-21 , SU-25K. F-5C an A-10As. Does anyone know how to let Giian know that their system is totally off again?

Air BR compression goes to hell as soon as AAM’s get involved. Prop planes get like reserve to 6.7-7.0 to play with and get the balance dialed in, then from like 7.7 to 9.7 MACLOS guided AAM’s instantly evolve to R-60M’s and aim-9L’s.

Gaijin has two choices by my reckoning:

  1. Ignore the balancing issues in this BR range and just hope that most people buy a rank 6-8 premium plane and grind around it, skipping most of the aircraft in that part of the tech tree altogether.

  2. Give planes a separate BR for Air and for Ground so that Air can decompress all the way out to like 14.0-15.0 without making a clown fiesta out of top tier ground matchmaking.

IMO they will do the first option as it is the least work and Gaijin knows they can let certain aspects of the game be an unplayable mess because we’ll just assume it’s how they’re trying to monetize the game instead of incompetence.

I’m having worst luck I wish I could just refund both my a10 and f4 and delete the game anytime I use my a10 I get br 12 players in the and I get wreck same with f4 but I can barely get out of spawn without getting wrecked by a f16 or MiG 29