Merkava Mk. 2D Sucks

Hey, just took out after long time Merkava 2D and its unplayable… I dont understand what is it doing on 9.7 no armor, mobility, good ammo or reload… + You are getting constantly uptiered against 10.7… When i compare it to other 9.7 like 2K and Amx 40 its very bad vehicle and it shouldnt be on 9.7 at all or it should get buffed… For example it could get M426 and reworked armor… And last thing Mk2B and Mk1b are almost identical vehicles(only 2D have useless additional armor on sides), it shot same ammo so why 2D is higher?


That is one of the big problems that gaijin has, it makes reactive shields like the kontakt 5 too good, on the other hand it makes the modular shields as if they were made of plastic and only serves to stop the HEAT a little and give a lot more weight to the tanks that use it, weight that is of no use.


Sadly, all merkavas are shit in case of protection :( … And Russian tanks are unkillable (ERA eating KE shells from side)


I do agree that (in game) they are pretty crappy, but also requires the playstyle of a light tank, even though in real life, it is an exceptional tank against tanks of the era.

Based on this Kontact5 is under performing. And considering that anti ERA rounds aren’t in game. That would make total sense. Seems to me gaijin has relikt performing to contact 5 specs.

Okay, based on that data, but it doesn’t mean it’s exact.
Even so, it should not be able to stop an APDS-FS from the side, since it would be the supposed 250mm of protection + the 100 on the side, while almost all APDS-FS of the similar Br pierce around 450mm to 500mm.
In fact, I find it very curious that in the Test Drive you can destroy the T-90 by shooting at the side without any problem with HEAT-FS and APDS with a lot of penetration, which gives me to understand that the damage model in the Test Drive It is the one that should be in the game, not the one that is currently there, it may be server failures or something like that.

I have no issues killing T90s from the side. If you are having issues can be reliably blamed on volumetric being volumetric.


Yes, I’m almost sure it must be because of the volumetric bullets, it is not well implemented how they interact with the armor in certain areas.
But well, really more than the problem is Kontakt 5, the problem is that gaijin has the modular armor as if they were armor made of something very heavy but with the resistance of newspaper.

The problem isn’t how shells interact but rather how layers of armor interact with each other. When you shoot at something with layers of armor overlapping the engine likes to combine all of them together making easy kill shots non pens.

Kontakt-5 doesnt underperform in anyway, in fact base armor on Russian tanks are actually overperforming.

Also DM53,L27A1 and M338 shells does have anti-era capabilites in real life.

All of your claims are compeletly wrong.

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Then prove it. I posted evidence that gaijin is in fact making kontact 5 under perform and giving Kontact 5s actual numbers to relict. Instead of being a little Russian bias sheeple try actually looking around rather than wearing blinders.

Edit: please point to where I said that DM53 doesn’t have anti era in real life I will wait.

Maybe you should stay in school instead of staying home. It would help your reading skills.

This is the proof about how you claimed there is no anti-Era rounds in this game.

Also the link you posted doesnt even work, not to mention kontakt-5 modelled based on manufactures claims.

You are stupid.

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Nah you’re just a butthurt Russian main who wants to make his Russian tanks even more broken.

You can cry at the corner.

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No. You are really stupid.

All those rounds does have anti-era capabilites irl, wether gaijin modelled it or not this will not change the fact.

What you claimed however is compeletly different, you claimed there is no single anti-Era round in this game while gaijin actually added them.

They just didnt activate anti-Era capabilites.

Therefore meaning there are no anti era rounds in game. This isn’t hard logic.

You are the only person crying about real life when no one else mentioned it. No body cares if they are or aren’t in real life. They aren’t in game so therefore there are no anti era rounds in game. You still refuse to refute my claims with any evidence

Except they are here.

Wether they do have all capabilites or not all those rounds are in game.

İnstead of claiming there is no anti-Era round you should have said anti-Era ability doesnt feature in this game.

Seems like you’re the one who’s stupid not me buddy.

Guy. For the love of God. Does DM53 have anti era capabilities in game?

Did DM53 made for better penetration and anti-era capability?