Me-410 Flight Performance

Hello, New here! I wanted to bring to light the Me-410 Flight performance. I find it vary difficult to fly this in “AIR Realistic Battles”. The plane when upgraded is decent. But the issues that come with the currents battle ratting of the Me-410 are bad for its health. I should let you know that I don’t have any historical documents to back any arguments. For now I advise for a flight overhaul of the Me-410. This is becomingly a thing of value. I, TheOnlyDork thinks that the Me-410 is a vital part of the air forces in the German tech tree! I’ve been playing the plane recently. Its great for its job. The Problems’ start when the plane need to brake the stereotypes that it bounded too. Ive played 56 matches/battles in the Me-410 A1/U4. The plane when its job is to hunt down the B-25 Mitchel’s that fly at around 5,000 ft or 1500 m. It slices through them but when it needs to fight any other heavy fighter or any maneuverable torpedo bomber, it struggles. The max Speed on the Me-410 (in game) is around 620 kph or around 370 mph. This is frighting. Because this is a two engine fighter that should be roaring across the sky. With the battle ratting that varies from 3.0-5.0. The aircraft that it comes across with seem a little too unrestricted comparatively to the Me-410. I’ve the first hand source have seen alot of combat with this in War Thunder. I hope that you will buff this plane and its variants. The way it should be buffed is that the me-410 should be good in a straight line. The plane doesn’t reach over just a little more then 450 kph in the straight. I think it should be capable of doing 550 kph in a line. Acceleration is quite tricky, as the plane tends to find it self in different environment’s (cold, hot, wet and dry) The engine DB-603 was for sure more faster than depicted in game. Could you imagined haveing two of them? I do think that the maneuverability lacks as well but I am no keyboard warrior. The plane like the descriptions states it struggles with the vertical. Ive rarely been in positions where I had to pull g’s. Most of the time when I get engaged by the enemy I dive away to friendly. Its not able to get to move how it should do to its poor speed. I do know in the counterargument that the plane has a lot of armor and armament. this is solid. Although the plane does carrie. enough cannonade to destroy an whole army, the sky’s remained to the enemy. I want this plane to be incorporated into the meta for Germany. This would ease the elephant’s foot on the fighter line and give more options for strategy If anyone has any thoughts, informational, and comments? Please let me know! This is to get the ball rolling on the speed increase and overhaul of flight performance.


You haven’t provided any reason for gaijin to change the vehicle.

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Then how about giving it its missing bomb racks and heavier bombs:


That is worth adding.

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I am not sure if you have realized that the BRs of German planes (not as much as tanks) are suffering due to 2 reasons:

  1. Gaijin hates Germany - at least a semi-famous you tuber (european canadian) claims this in a recent video, and i share this pov for planes.
  2. Air RB BRs of enemy planes are usually artificially lowered - either because they are premiums and/or brainless players drag the BRs extremely low due to this madness of BR setting based on simple average.

I flew some 410s on an old account - and the planes sucked as irl. I mean killing some B-25 bot bombers in Air RB is all it can do. You see the 5.0 version sometimes in full uptiers with 4 Ju 288s - all in all it looks like a plane with some worth in Ground RB, but not in Air RB…

PS: Implementing some paragraphs in you posts would be great - you kill everybody with such a wall of text. Have a good one!

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I remember having fun in the 410’s once upon a time. But Gaijin’s BR system has ruined them.

There was once a time when the Me 410 B-6/R3 was the antidote to the (once bullet-proof) B17 spam in RB. It was a glorious time for the 410. I researched what was left of my German tree at the time with this plane.

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Well, the Me 410 was designed to do everything (Dive bombing capabilities, Schnell Bomber, Night Fighter, Heavy Fighter, Ground Attacker).
It carries a lot of armor, dive breaks and some complicated defensive installation.

Because of that it turned out to be very mediocre in any role, appart from maybe attacking bombers.

As someone who’s been taking a break from the fighter tree’s I’ve been grinding my strike aircraft in air RB the last few days and the difference is really astounding…

The 23mm cannons on the Il2’s shred ground targets easy as pie in air realistic battles…I can regularly get 5-10 tank kills before the enemy planes start targeting me. If I look at a tank within 500m It will die.

The me410’s with 20m 151 with armored belts is sooo inconsistent. I try cupola shots, side shots, back shots, seems the game decides not my aim.

The 50mm me 410’s are actually really good tank killers but the 20mm are really poor for ground attack unless you go for soft targets.

All in all I think the german B.R. Ratings are definitely quite generally unfair. German planes always fighting planes from the future no matter where you are at on the tree.

I’m not biased to any nation in the air, I play USA, Russia, Germany, UK and Japan planes. Definitely feels easier in general with japanese and russian planes. USA 50 cals and cannons shred, russian cannons shred, hispano’s are awesome. Right now feel like the german cannons and some of the early japanese cannons are the weakest, That’s my experience.

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You could reach that altitude?

The plane is what is touchy. The sky’s are target rich. The plane tends to struggle when it comes to energy retention. I was hoping to get more research done on the aircraft but war is complicated. This is a case by case basis. The Me-410 is for sure not quite accurate one way or another. A huge point will be to plead for a change!

If I remember correctly, the Me 410 had an air start on most maps of the time. There was only one or two that started on the runway.

Me410s main role was meant to be shooting down bombers and front line ground support. It wasn’t meant to mix it up with thoroughbred fighters. The deck is stacked against you but I like to stay unnoticed as long as possible and ground pound. In a close match it can make the difference as the last plane that can drop bombs. As we know heavy bombers are even more unloved than German stuff.

another suggestion LOL, add any loadout will be consider as a suggestion, then it will spent about a few years