MBT-2000 balance problem

t-72 1989 This tank, for example, the 2A4 tank cannot penetrate its turret or also face it can kill it or is sometimes kill it from the driver’s hole, but the T-72 1989 tank can easily destroy the 2A4 tank from almost anywhere

The 2A4 demolishes the T-72B 1989.

Thermals, speed, reload rate, depression, reverse, gun handling, optics, survivability, commander fire control

Have you really tried playing with these tanks because I tried and played with them and I am talking from his starting point of view of about 15,000 hours in the game and I own almost all the tanks in the game

This thread has a point that the MBT-2000 is probably not at a correct BR but then there’s absolutely drunk statements like the Leopard 2A4 is worse than the T-72B and Challenger 1 that makes me question your opinions on balance.

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Yes, play both of them.

Never in a 1000 years would I pick the T-72B over the 2A4 given the choice.

This is your opinion and you are definitely better than playing with this tank for me and from the numbers, the tank T-72 is better

Its not an opinion, its the hard truth. The 2A4 is substantially better, which is why its at a higher BR.

The basis of this problem is not in the tanks but in the BR compression
And I am sorry for my strange English language my main language is not English

MBT-2000 a slightly faster Type 96A with slightly worse UFP.
You’ve been facing MBT-2000s in War Thunder for over a year with Type 96A, now that it’s slightly faster & has slightly worse hull armor it’s somehow OP…

So this isn’t “MBT-2000 is OP”, you are claiming all 10.0 Chinese tanks are OP.

People have been listing 10.3s that are better than MBT-2000, T-72B at 10.0 has better survivability with the same ammo, just loses the thermals for that improved survivability.

This guy must be joking, T-72B and T-80B better than 2A4. Pure comedy.

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this the t-72b and I’m speak about t-72b 1989

Try comparing literally anything else.

i agree with you

If Gaijin fixed the armor of MBT 2000 and adds better round (BTA4?) there is no problem that it could be 10.7 or 11.0

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Survivability on the MBT2000 is still probably better due to the much better reverse speed, as you won’t get yourself into situations the T-72B would be in (e.g someone shot your breach and now your only option with the T-72B is continue driving forward while the MBT2000 you can actually reverse to safety, probably faster than a lot of western vehicles).

The A4 is ingame, for a long time now. The only update its gotten was the dozer blade (useless). It still has the old shells, gen 1 thermals, no addon armor, no AA MG and its speed was reduced from 72 km/h to 68 km/h. Also its BR was bumped to 10.3 now.

Doesn’t look very good. New additions like the MBT2000 or T-72 Turms as well as many other - even light - vehicles, usually got interesting new features (like next gen thermals) and upgraded ammunition. Some even upgraded armor. The A4 however was pretty much left behind as it was introduced. Thermal view still looks like from a old Nintendo console in 2023, you barely see something and armor became totally worthless over time.


More than enough to stay at 10.3.

But still lack many critical stuff others (like 2A4) have.

And some have Flintstone-levels of gun handling and mobility.

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Almost as if it doesn’t need anything. Its one of the best 10.3’s in the game as it is.

Asking for buffs is just asking for a higher BR.


2A4 also benefits from volumetric armor shit.There were many occasions where my round just disappeared into the side of 2A4


~1200hp at 48 tons and top speeds of 69/31 vs 800hp at 42.8 tons and speeds of 59/6; that’s a massive mobility difference, that’s 25hp/t vs 18.7 hp/t and a working reverse gear.

That’s like saying a Leopard 2A4 is only slightly more mobile than a T-72B.

The whole “2A4 is bad” debacle aside, the MBT-2000 is at a wrong BR and should be 10.3, it’s basically a T-80B with a working reverse gear - so why is it sitting below the T-80B? People I talked to, who have it, don’t think it will stay at 10.0 for much longer, most of them are of opinion that it’s 10.7 capable quite easly.