MBT-2000 balance problem

The new MBT-2000 really has a balancing problem, it is in 10.0 while being better than the ZTZ99 in 10.7, so gaijin why are you putting it in 10.0, it is completely overpowered and runs on all 9.0-10.0 tanks, This tank definitely needs an urgent upgrade! Why do you put an underperforming and buggy tank like the KF41 at a br of 10.7 and a completely op tank like the MBT-2000 and 2S38 at 10.0?


mbt-2000 have a good mobile but weaker armor and don’t have dtc10-125 bigger lower blade
i think it shod have fy-4 armor and dtc10-125 and rise it to 10.7

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2A4 have a worst round (410mm of flat pen) when mbt-2000 have 466mm, worst armor than 2000 and same mobility and it’s 10.3 so the mbt-2000 with it’s actual stats should be 10.7


The problem is that the 2A4 tanks are bad, but for comparison, look at the T-90 10.7 tank that has better armor and a strong round, or a T-80B tank and a CH mk2 in 10.3 tank with good turret armor and good round, and there are many examples. The problem is in the 2A4 tank, which has a bad round, not the MBT 2000 tank

The 2A4’s are not bad.

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You must be joking.

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They completely ruin the br range they are not bad at all.

I know I’m talking in comparison from his point of view only as it is not the best compared to some other tanks

Not to this extent it is a tank very easy to destroy it only has a good speed in maneuvering and this is a strong thing and not C but it is very easy to destroy it in one blow compared to Russian tanks that may receive a blow from the side in the ammunition and do not drag and you can compare it with the T-72B 1989 tank

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What at 10.3 is better?

T80B, ZTZ, CV’s and now the op MBT-2000
The 2A4 isn’t bad but compared to the MBT 2000 at 10.0 it’s totally a bad tank but like I said the MBT-2000 should be 10.7 minimum

T-72B 1989 br 10.0
t-80b br 10.3
2s25m br10.0
2s38 br 10.0
ch mk2 br 10.3 with 6.5 reload
Vickers mk-7 br 10.3 with l-26 round and good speed
and more in 10.7 all the time i play with mbt2000 i play with 10.7 or 11.0

Why do you think T-80B, ZTZ, (CVs aren’t MBTs) are better?

Why is any of this better?

Because better round, better armor and magically unpowder ammo and unexploded fuel tanks because Russian/Chinese and like I said I compare 2A4 with the new MBT2k

Do these tanks have the gun depression, mobility, and soft stats of the 2A4:?

T80B and ZTZ have the exact same mobility because of gaijin

You can’t seriously think the T-72B is better than the Leo 2A4?

We initially speak about the New 2000, you can’t say 2A4 are better

for Vickers mk-7 br 10.3 for comparison only has the same speed as a 2A4 tank the same armor better APFSDS and almost the same rate of reload and tank-like T-80B has a higher speed and good armor strong APFSDS and for strange reasons, the fuel tank and ammunition when hit do not explode unlike the Chinese tank where the fuel tank explodes a lot and ammunition