Max vehicle research efficiency

Can you change the max vehicle research effieciency on top ranks?
I want to research lower vehicles with my top rank F-14B for example but i cant cuz the effieciency is only set to previous rank and curent one the plane haz.
Made 2 kills on mig 29 and mig 23 but i get 86 RP for a rank IV vehicle…

Play lower ranks if you want to research lower ranks.


I dont want to play low ranks vehicle, they shoud let me play my big boy with a penalty in RP for lower rank but not like it is now…4.76% reward? from rank 8 to rank 4
How this comunity accepted this thing till now… i dont know…

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Play a premium vehicle… It is the only option for dont have the malus between hight rank to lower ranks.


no its normal you cant play a jet Mig 29 with missiles and bomb for research an poor I - 16

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So is ok If You pay money, but not ok with a techtree one… not saying 100% but a 50% should be good.

Why are you wanting to research low rank stuff if you dont want it?
And as others have said, play at that rank or use a premium.


Why are people defending this? Its just predatory from gaijin, any vehicle should be able to grind any rank. They just want you to buy premium vehicles or play vehicles you dont like because low tier would be dead without this.


It is the economic model of the majority of the “free to play” games.

You can playing without spend money, and GJ introducing paying features for give bonuses on research to players who spend money and contributes to keep the game online.
If you dont want spend money in the game, you spend time instead.

WG with WoT and WoWs are worst than GJ: you MUST play the precedent vehicle for research the folow.

In WT, you can play other vehicles for research all the tech tree. That take simply more time with a large technologic gap between vehicles.


I really dont care if other games are better or worse. Thats just whataboutism.

I understand why they do it but its still nothing im gonna defend a company for doing. Defending such marketing techniques just makes our world worse.

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Because nobody is stupid enough to research lower rank vehicles with top rank vehicles.

Why is he even researching lower rank vehicles when he is already on top rank and he dont want to play them?


I dont think you understood what i meant. But in the swedish air tree for example you need to grind the finnish tree to get to rank 8. So youre forced to play low tier or be “stupid” and just play top tier with something like a 0.1 multiplier in research.

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First one to be on my side thx @ÖL
@shangxiang Have you played WoT? Cuz it seams you didnt. its easy to reach a top tier there in 1 week i have any top tier but here… good luck it will take you months to reach top tier…
but any way the point is if you reach top tier in WT you dont have any benefit in playing them.
@Vianochka and your question is out of this game… do you even play this game? you know in order to play hier tiers you have to grind the lower ranks that you cant skeep on most of the nations…

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If they allow it then low tiers might lose a lot of players.Also doing this would make premium vehicles a lot less useful and gaijin would never let that happen
Low tier vehicles can be quite enjoyable.Don’t miss the great experience

They allready ruined low tier cuz You buy top tier vehicle with money and grind everything…

Yup i played 5 years at WoT.
But WOT have a different architecture for tech trees. Effectively, you can up to 1 top tiers fastly.
But you must play each vehicles of each branch for others top tiers, unless you play … a premium vehicle who give you free XP. But you must paid (or earn in an event) that premium. Exactly than GJ on WT.

And in WT you have largely more numbers of vehicles.

It is worst: when you have a top tiers, you cant research a low tier vehicles because you must play the immediatly precedent vehicle for have XP for that research. you can only play your top tiers for his modules and up his crew (not transferable)…

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If You played why even write such things… there You grind 1 vehicle an go tot next Rank here You must grind 5 vehicles to go to next Rank…
Anyway its not about other games its about this game that it will be Nice for top tier to ar least have a 50% in rp for any ranks cuz its a top tier (VIII)

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You take 1 rank for only 1 branch of the tree.

Unlike the battles in WoT, you can spawn several times in the same battle, in fact the design of the WT grind is for the favoured, normally, to have a consistent line through the rank before moving up to the next rank.

But on WT, you unlock the search for several vehicles in each rank.

In the end, completing all the top tiers on WoT doesn’t take much less time than completing the top tiers on WT, because on WoT you HAVE to start a branch from almost the beginning for each top tier vehicle you want to obtain.

And, again a time, GJ’s aim is to make money by keeping players in the game, so by controlling the amount of grind (and therefore the time) needed to finish 1 nation.

You go in a different direction… ground vs Air… how can i respawn in RB with my F14? Oh You cant…