The Matchmaking and vehicles ranks

Hello everyone, new and old alike.

Welcome to this guide, which will introduce you to Match Making and its associated functions (ranks, Battle rating, simulator rotations, etc.).

So let’s start by presenting the various elements that will be useful for this topic.

!! Detail !! that tutorial are a traduction with Deepl of my work in french section. Images are in french, copy/past form the original topic.

-1) Définitions

First of all, we need to clarify two of the most commonly misinterpreted elements: ranks and Battle Rating (which will hereafter be abbreviated to "BR ").

-A) Ranks :

Let’s fix this once and for all: Ranks are not linked to BR for battle composition.

Click Here: Where find vehicle's ranks?

They are used to differentiate tank research levels and to set costs (for research, purchases, modules, etc., except for repairs).

Ranks are also used to moderate the increase in the range of vehicles, by making it necessary to research several vehicles at each rank before moving on to the next rank.

Click Here: Tech Tree blocking

-In addition, vehicles have an effective search range from Rank of vehicle played -1 to Rank of vehicle played +1. This search range defines the amount of xp allocated to the vehicle being searched. Outside this range (above or below), the amount of xp is reduced in proportion to the rank difference.

The advantage of premium vehicles (and particularly Rank VI-VII vehicles) is that you can search for vehicles from Rank 1 to Rank +1.

-Example with a standard tank (here the AMX-13). Being at rank IV, its search range is from rank III to rank V.

Click Here: AMX13

-Second example with a premium tank (here the AMX-13 SS11). Being Rank IV, its search range is from Rank I to Rank V.

Click Here: AMX13-SS11

Be careful not to confuse a Premium vehicle with a Collector vehicle. Collector vehicles placed in the premium part of the tree do not have the premium bonuses (XP and SL gains and search range).

Click Here: Premium =/= collector vehicles

-B) The Battle Rating (BR) :

The BR is used to define the coast of the battle in which the player will find himself. This indication is available in several places (see image below):

Click Here: Where find the BR

!!! WARNING !!! Battle ratings may vary for the same vehicle depending on the game mode (mainly between Arcade and Realistic).
You can see the battle rating for the different game modes using the drop-down menu at the bottom right of the search tree.

BR display by game mode

!!! WARNING!!! This menu does not change the game mode (AB or RB) for the next battle.

!! Tip !! It's best to let it set on automatic so that the BRs displayed are those for the selected game mode.

-2) MatchMaking

-A) Solo functioning :

Made by the Match Maker (the algorithm that selects the different players for the different battles), Match Making is the set of rules for allocating players in the different battles according to the game mode selected and the BR of vehicles chosen.

The odds of a battle can vary from BR -1 to BR +1 in relation to the highest BR vehicle. In very off-peak hours, the waiting time to find a game may be longer due to the small number of players present.

 !! Detail !! There can be no more than 4 players with TOP BR vehicles per team. However, there can be more TOP BR players in one of the teams.

For example, in the vehicle deck below, the battle rating of the vehicles encountered will range from BR 6.3 (the BR 7.3 deck is therefore Top tiers) to 8.3 (the BR 7.3 deck is therefore Low tiers):

Click Here: Deck 7.3

However, BR vehicles below 7.3 (AMX-13-90 in BR 7.0 or AMX-13 DCA40 in BR 4.7) are not included in matchmaking.

!!! ATTENTION !!! In realistic battles, make sure to pay attention to the BR of the planes included in the deck: if they are higher than the tanks, the BR of the planes will be taken into account.

 !! Tip !! Try to balance the BRs in your vehicle decks so that you don't unnecessarily outclass the lowest vehicles. Once a tank has been unlocked, it is not necessary to train it on a crew straight away. It is therefore possible to search for several similar BR vehicles before putting them all into service and playing them.

-B) Air Arcade operation :

In Air Arcade, the battle rating is defined by the AVERAGE of the 3 vehicles with the highest BR unless there is a difference of more than 1 BR point between the 3 vehicles normally counted for the average.

Example: With 1 BR 5.7 aircraft, 1 BR 6.0 aircraft and 1 BR 6.3 aircraft, the BR of the deck will be 6.0. This deck can face a deck with an average BR of 7.0 (1 BR 6.7, 1 BR 7.0 and 1 BR 7.3). A 5.7 plane can therefore take on a 7.3 plane …

-C) Squad Functioning :

In a squad game, the BR of the battle will be that of the player with the highest BR vehicle (tank or plane). Other players will not be taken into account (as with solo vehicles). It is possible to see the vehicles selected by other players (see spoiler below).

Click Here: Other squad members vehicles.

Here, the squad size is 8 for squad battle events. The normal squad size is 4 players.

!!! WARNING !!! When searching for a game, the waiting time is [very] often longer because the MatchMaker puts the same number of players in a squad on each side (for example, 1 squad of 4 on one side and 2 squads of 2 on the other). If you don’t go into battle with a large squad (3 or 4), it’s because there are no squads available to go into the opposing camp. Try splitting into 2 smaller squads and launching at the same time, as this will often allow you to leave more quickly, but with the possibility of not being in the same battle as your team-mates.

Finally, MatchMaker will not put players from the same squadron on opposite sides of the same battle.

-3) Simulator rotations

Battles in simulator mode differ slightly depending on the type of battle selected.

Aircraft simulator battles are based on the same principle as realistic battles for BR and Match Making but are played in Enduring Confrontation (EC).

For tank battles, on the other hand, vehicle lists are defined in advance (see spoiler below). These lists change every day at 11am GMT.

!!! ATTENTION !!! The example below is not always present and some “High BR” lists are just above the “Low BR” list.

For tank simulator battles, aircraft selection varies. Aircraft are either defined in a list (often used in NATO vs Warsaw Pact “High BR” simulations) or are limited to a BR range (often used in Axis vs Allied simulations).

Click Here: Simulator rotation lists

-4) Rank restrictions

Participation in most events and missions is restricted by vehicle rank in order to limit abuse or early access to certain research tree ranks.

Seasonal events (spring and autumn crafting events or tasks like summer and winter events) require a minimum vehicle rank of III with standard vehicles or from rank I for vehicles from previous events/battle passes but not premiums vehicles. Check the vehicle sheet to find out whether it is part of an event or a battle pass.

Click Here: Previous event vehicles

Daily and special missions are also subject to restrictions. Simple missions require a minimum rank of II, while medium and special missions require a minimum rank of III.

REMINDER: the ranks indicated are a MINIMUM prerequisite. If you want to do them at rank IV, V or VII, there’s nothing to stop you. However, check the ranks of your vehicles available for events. Restrictions are always indicated in the event or mission descriptions.

WAGERs are also affected by the minimum restrictions.

This is the end of this guide to Match Making and vehicle ranks. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have.


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