Maus BR problems

So, in the last days of my playtime i have been having a lot of maus encounters in both 7.0 arcade and RB. My idea is to move the maus to 8.0-8.3-8.7

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No. It already faces enough auto pen munitions.


How about no ?

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I’ve suggested before: move the Maus and other superheavy tanks/spgs into their own category of vehicles, distinct from your average heavy tank, with its own spawn cost.

If Maus required 400 - 600SP to spawn, there would be no problem with lowering it’s BR.

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Maus is bad at 7.7 as it is, you really don’t need thermals, APFSDS, stabilizers and everything to beat a Maus.
Plus it’s painful enough to play one as it takes 10 minutes to get anywhere and you still get lolpenned left and right or instantly bombed.


What are you playing at 7.0 that you can’t penetrate the MAUS?

MAUS is perfect at 7.7 with the recent decompression pushing late cold war tanks to 8.7

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The MAUS is a toy it’s not common enough to justify such treatment nor is it so overpowered.

Other superheavies generally have weak side armor / rear turret armor the thing with the MAUS is it has only one single piece of armor that is “weak” and that still requires quite a lot of penetration to get through. Luckily with how common placed HEAT-FS is it’s perfectly fine now and every nation in the game has access to vehicles that can penetrate it in some form. Combine that with its mobility it’s really nothing more than a toy.


Most of those vehicles are still within range of the Maus and not like there isn’t a plethora of other things that can pen it at its or at lower BRs.

I very much like my lists so heres a list of tank 7.7 and bellow that can pen the maus.

The maus, m41a1, m56, m36b2, t34, t29, m46, m46 tiger, t26e1, m47, m48, t32, t32e1, m103, t95, t92, m50, t114, t28, t44 100, is3, is4m, su 100p, 2s1, 2s3m, bmp1, su122 54, obj 268, t54 1947, t34 100, su100, cent mk1, cent mk3, charioteer, fv4202, tortoise, conway, ratel 90, ratel 20, eland m7, cent action x, caernarvon, conqueror, sta 1, sta 2, sta 3, type 61, ho ri production, m41a1, type 60sprg, m47, type 63, type 62, zts63, zbd86, m48a1, su100, sherman vc, m36b1, 2s1, aubl 74, fiat 6614, m47 105/55, c13 t90, amx m4, m36 b2, ca lorraine, elc bis, amx 10m, amx 50 foch, amx 50, sir bias, amx 50 toa100, lorraine 40t, aml 90, amx 13 90, strv 74, charioteer, ikv 91, strv 81, m51, aml 90, magach 1, magach 2, shot.

Literally any decent sized bomb.
A slight hill.
A weak bridge.

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Yes armor should not mean immunity

Maus should move DOWN to 7.7. in Arcade to make it even remotely playable.

As for everything else, with how atrociously slow the Maus is, they can just cripple it in any number of ways and drive past it to other targets or objectives.

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And it hasn’t meant that aside from some dumb vehicles, the Maus has nothing but armor however so placing it where armor is irrelevant entirely isn’t a solution.

The MAUS isn’t at the tier where armor is irrelevant lol

It can be penned with specific vehicles and specific types of ammunition, ATGMs don’t become common unless it’s uptiered.

APFSDS is the same, the only round it faces regularly that makes its armor “irrelevant” is HEAT-FS but due to the MAUS’s size and HEAT-FS’s penetration values it takes multiple shots for HEAT-FS to knock the tank out.

This allows the MAUS to be a beacon for people to shoot allowing your team to engage targets effectively. Its main gun is also extremely effective against targets of its BR range.

The only super negative the MAUS has is its speed but that’s the price for its level of armor.

How many vehicles are there really at 7.7 that cannot pen the Maus anywhere? And even if you cannot, you just you know… go somewhere else.
It’s not like the 279 that not only has the purest form of bias infused into it, it’s also obscenely fast.

French AMX-10M @ 7.3. Also the Foch can 1-shot a Maus just by shooting its turret cheek.

I love using the Maus, but lets not act like we play it for its armour. We’re more using it because it is quite survivable even after being penned (unless someone smacks through your turret cheek), and it is a good distraction that can help your team. All the enemy can do is fixate on the Maus, while the rest of your team gets to go about their business capping and taking out the fixated masses.

I think the Maus is fine at 7.7. It’s not OP. It doesn’t suffer too much (apart from winrate). It is fun.

279 serves the important service of absolutely donking on noobs who think they can roll around the battlefield in something like a Type 16(FPS) without fear. You send a APHE at them and they go pop. They think they’re so smug because other tanks darts just pass right through them. I love the 279 being god mode just for that alone. People think they can buy into meta - baby i crafted a 279 to end your meta.

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Iirc the maus has a faster 0-12mph time and higher top speed than the churchill mk7. So at least its not the slowest.