Maus BR problems

Err…NO…any tank that can be spawned in a BR where it is very hard to kill and can kill everything will ruin games. The spawn cost will only delay its appearance…and perhaps make it so that only good players can use it…BUT when it does appear it will be an unstoppable killing machine…which will be fun for its player, but annoying for the enemy :)
Maus is a permanent issue…it will either be too strong in WW2 games, or a fat target for ATGMs…but no real way to avoid it…making it face both situations is as good as you can make it…pulling it too far either way will ruin games for someone :)

A single 500lb bomb on the engine deck will kill it. And you cant exactly “take evasive manoeuvres” in a Maus when you see a plane diving on you.

Well…bombs kill all vehicles…and vulnerability to planes and artillery have an effect on BR i am sure.
All slow heavies have this issue and if you reduce their BRs they will be slow but almost unkillable vehicles (to ground units)…so there is a tricky balance in here…

Which is exactly why the missing MG 151 should be added to it:

I very much doubt that gun would be able to be on target since it is pretty much locked to the turret. And hey, the Tortoise has an anti air turret and you know what it is good for? Yes, it is a place 1 APHE from a vehicle much lower in BR can completely cripple it! Perfect “Balance” (oh, and that Tort AA turret can’t raise enough to engage aircraft and after all that is only 2 x 7.92 mm BESAs which cant pen light tanks either, unlike the German 7.92 mm MG34 with better RoF and can actually be used against light targets).

And come on, they REMOVED (.com) this as they are unable BALANCE. So why try and balance what can’t be balanced? A lot of effort for something we all know the answer to; it doesn’t fit WT, tough luck, nor do MANY of the vehicles in game, so why the Maus being one of those hot topics when so many are ignored WAY before you get to the Maus BR?

I would argue that it should be 7.0 at the highest, but limit the max spawned Maus at a time to 2 or 3.

In addition to the limit, they could raise the spawncost to around 5-600.

Its pain to drive 10-15 minutes just to get ATGM’ed or rocket molested by a chopper.

XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD HELLO MAUS ON 8.3, HOLD ME OR I’M GOING TO DIE OF LAUGHTER, you’ve played this before, it should be br 7.3 and not 7.7,for players playing mousse there should be rewards from gaijn

So are coaxial rifle caliber machine guns yet they frequently shoot down aircraft

Frequently? Outsude of headons? And what is said vehicles turret traverse?

Well yes but not entirely. That was just one excuse.

Quoted from gaijin themselves:
In game the Maus is really the natural equivalent of other rare vehicles like the IS-7 and E-100. Large numbers of these machines should never really be present and the role that they play is very limited.

As such, with Update 1.91 the Maus will become a rare event collectable vehicle. Being hidden from standard research and will now only be obtainable in future events and other opportunities later in the future.

The maus’ supposed stats at least on thunderskill are at like 6 kills per death. And have remained pretty consistent over the years.

The issue with the maus is a true skill issue. Theres people like me who have the 75mm bound seperately and take out both heat and smoke 75mn shells, and can get 6-10 kill games.

And theres other people who use the maus like a standard tank and die.

Its fine at its current br and is far stronger today than it was years ago.
With the fixing of its sight magnification, increase of its turret armor, changing its turret armor to RHA, fixing the smoke launcher so it fires in front instead of behind, and adding the legendary APCBCHEDS shell.


I agree with most of what you wrote. It is a killing machine in the right hands…

But, getting slammed by 76 mighty maus (pun intended) rockets by a chopper made in 1965, is out of your hands. You can’t '‘skill issue’ that. Its simply not okay to put it at such a disadvantage.

On the other hand, slamming the 128mm APHEDS into the chopper allows you to put on your sunglasses, look away from the explosion, and dramatically state “WW2 sends its regards”. So, you know. Glass half full sort of thing 😂

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One place where Britain’s APDS shines is against the Maus.

Also it’s a 7.7, so it faces the following vehicles commonly seen that can easily pen it:

  • M56, T92 (6.7)
  • T26, M26, M46 (6.7-7.0)
  • BMP-1 (7.7)
  • Object 120 (8.0)
  • Rooikat (8.3)
  • Most of the British APDS shells
  • Anything else with HEATFS

youre high… 7.7 is a very good BR for it. sure it does a bit Too well in a full down tier, but in a .3 up tier it gets wrecked… and in a Full up tier it gets Obliterated.

It is EXTREMELY slow… and its turret traverse is deplorable. Just shoot it in the side

Have you actually played the Maus?

Yeah lmao, equivalent to an IS-7, holy hell.

Haha that is true. I once hit a Russian school bus with the 75mm gun. I was pretty proud. :P

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The joy of decimating BMPs… Unironically the coax is the thing that makes that vehicle so powerful. It’s the secret ingredient.

I can’t explain how much I enjoy it. Especially in sim but in ground RB too. It’s an excellent tank in game. Just needs a peculiar mindset to be played correctly.

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Commonality is a ridiculous way to “balance” anything.

“Yeah sure that one guy in the 100 meter dash in the olympics gets to wear rocket boots, but it’s okay, he won a special super rare lottery to get that right, so it’s fair”

It needs to be balanced the same exact way whether there’s 1 or 100,000 of them active

i mean… sure… but i feel its pretty balanced already