Match quitting is an epidemic that MUST be addressed

The number of players who quit a match is significant - usually 40% of one team within three or four minutes of match starting. Having played the game for 13 years, I can say that the gameplay in RB at all tiers is currently garbage compared to just 6 years ago.

There needs to be some kind of change to address this issue because everything that has been done so far is not helping or preventing the behavior. This is a 15 v 15 match and when it turns into 15 v 8, the outcome has already been decided. This causes a snowball effect, which causes even more players to quit. Six or seven minutes in and it’s 12 v 3.

Quite frankly, the current match meta is stupid. Either the respawn points/cost system needs to be changed or we need meaningful penalties for match quitters because single-nation crew lock isn’t effective when there are 10 nations to play.


Discussion aside, I believe this trend is highly similar to the One Spawn Quitters that already existed?


Is Gaijin doing something about it in that thread then? No.


Is One Spawn Quitting against the rules? It is an unhealthy behaviour but not against the rules as far as I am aware of.


What can you do about it? I don’t like it either. But there is nothing I can do about it. You can discuss the moral aspect for hours. But no one will yield even one metre in such a discussion.

No, it doesn’t need to be addressed.

Gaijin needs to address the viably resolvable matters that cause it, first.


If Gaijin had a neutral stance on the issue, the crew-lock penalty wouldn’t exist. The problem is that it is hasn’t been updated for 10+ years and needs revision.

Realy? Wow when for example 10 times in a row and with one other map in between that stupid map Golden Bay comes, I leave and go right away to the hanger as I am fed up with playing that dumb map the whole freaking day!

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think the same as you, it’s a real shame and it looks like a third rate mobile game.

But amazing no one cares and here they even defend it with :

If you just want to play a tank, the map I don’t like … I don’t want to feed the enemy.

And much more excuses garbage…

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Don’t bother even suggesting changing the chemotherapy that is top tier right now, because half of the people who will argue not to punish or change one death leavers, are one death leavers themselves. First they argued one death leavers were “people who are too broke to have repair costs” so gaijin fixed repair costs. now their argument is “address the viable resolvable matters first” when they really mean “dont punish me cause I’m a shitty teammate in a teammate orientated game” no fix will stop the selfish, toxic teammates that haunt top tier.


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that is because the grind is so fuqing long that we want to get in as many battles as possible. what they need to do is reduce the grind

It won’t be addressed since it’s a direct consequence of Gaijin’s actions and thus one would logically conclude this is intended.


More crew lock… Ignore those who will proclaim that it’s penalty for playing the game, it’s penalty for playing the game recklessly and ignorantly.

There’s a reason you can respawn, and we do not care about what you don’t have… Backups are available at the spawn screen now so there is no excuse, but alas, they will put every reason they can out there…

Going match after match, spamming them for haste, I don’t think does you any better than remaining in the match, and losing…

But if you stay and win, and actually do things in the battle, then you’d be getting a good payout.

Yes, because crew lock is so effective already…

It needs to be expanded to include those who intentionally run one vehicle in thier lineup to avoid it, hence the issue we actually have.

You are talking nonsense, it is a team game because there are 2 teams. The system is not all against all or similar.

But whether the people are pitiful and the game is poorly planned is another story.

The only thing I agree with is that they are not going to do anything to fix such a serious basic flaw.

Fixing the issues that cause people to 1DL is the best way to solve it.

I do agree, tanks shouldn’t get more expensive to spawn when you respawn. It’s incredibly annoying to use almost all your sp to spawn for a 3rd time.

Fix the causes, not punish the players.

That won’t do jackshit. 1 vehicle line-up prevents crew lock entirely.

And even on a full line-up, what’re you gonna do? Lock all nations? Buddy, I can just switch games. You think I give two shits about the enemy in blue? No, I don’t nor do they care about anyone else unless they’re in a premade squad.