Marder 1A5(A1) MELLS IFV

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A Marder 1A5 equipped with MELLS-ATGM’s.


  • The Schützenpanzer Marder 1 (or Marten) is a German Infantry Fighting Vehicle designed in West Germany in the 1960’s that is still in use by the German Army. Several variants of the Marder 1 have been developed such as the Marder A1 that features a remote 7.62 turret above the troop compartment, the 1A3 which is the mainstay of the German Army, to the 1A5(A1) which has been developed featuring modern technology. The Marder 1A5 and its modification, the 1A5A1, is the most up to date model of the Marder-series that is currently in service. Drawing lessons learned from the conflict in Afghanistan, the German Army requested modifications to be completed to its Marder 1A3’s, increasing armor for IED protection on the bottom of the vehicle, and a new layout for better protection of the crew. The 1A5 upgrade was first implemented between 2004 and 2005, with 74 units upgraded. In 2010-2011, 35 vehicles were further upgraded to the 1A5A1 standard, featuring A/C for the crew, an IED jammer, as well as Barracuda Multispectral camouflage. The Marder 1A5 saw service in Afghanistan, being used in the Kunduz Province Campaign of 2009. In the Late-2010’s, the German Army requested to further enhance the Marder 1A5 with the Israeli Spike-LR missile, or produced domestically as MELLS to extend the life expectancy of the Marder. This is being trialed and expected to become the replacement for the MILAN F2 ATGM’s currently in use by the German Army. This upgrade is being applied to the Wiesel 1A2 Tank Destroyers, replacing their TOW-ATGM’s. The Marder 1A5(A1) equipped with the MELLS ATGM is expected to supplement the new Puma S1 IFV’s. The Marder 1A3 and 1A5(A1) variants continue to serve in the German Army despite ridicule to retire them due to being in service for around 50 years.


  • Armament:
    • 20mm Rheinmetall MK 20 Rh 202 Automatic Cannon (1,250rds)
      • DM43 (HVAP-T)
      • DM51A1 (HEFI-T)
      • DM63 (APDS)
    • 7.62mm MG3 Machine Gun (5,000rds)
    • Anti-Tank Guided Missiles (4 Missiles)
      • (Starting Modification) MILAN F2
        • Penetration: 730mm Penetration (HEAT)
        • Engine: Solid-propellant Rocket
        • Diameter: 115mm
        • Reload: 15s
        • Range: 200-2,000m
        • Guidance: SALCOS Wire
      • (Tier IV Modification) MELLS-ATGM/SPIKE-LR
        • Penetration: 700mm Penetration behind ERA (Tandem HEAT)
        • Engine: Solid-propellant Rocket
        • Diameter: 130mm
        • Reload: 15s
        • Range: 200-4,000m
        • Guidance: Fire-and-Forget/Infrared Homing
  • Armor:
    • Armor values remain the same with the exception of additional plating on the bottom of the vehicle for IED protection.
    • In-game armor values:

  • Maneuverability:
    • Engine:
      • 591hp-MTU MB 833 Ea-500 Diesel Engine
    • Transmission:
      • 8-Forward, 8-Reverse Gears
    • Speed:
      • 65km/h
    • Weight:
      • 42t
  • Crew (x3):
    • Gunner
    • Commander
    • Driver


  • Fire-protection Equipment
  • 8x 76mm Smoke Grenades
  • Laser Rangefinder
  • Night Vision Device
    • Driver
    • Commander
  • Thermal Imager:
    • Gunner
  • A1 Modification:
    • IED Jammer (Not needed, but if IED’s are implemented in the future as a static ground explosive in new maps, etc.).
    • Barracuda Multispectral camouflage (comes standard).


  • In-game the Marder 1A5(A1) would play very similar to its predecessor, the 1A3, however could start of using the MILAN 2 ATGM (or known in Germany as the MILAN F2) missile at start with the option of upgrading to the MELLS ATGM at Tier IV. This would significantly improve the performance of the Marder 1A5 by giving it the Spike-LR ATGM. Also, another Tier III modification could be the “A1” modification, providing the vehicle with the Barracuda multispectral camouflage as well as an IED jammer that could be used in any future update that including IED’s. This modification could be implemented into the game similarly to the BMP-2 receiving the “BMP-2D” upgrade.




Closeup of the MELLS launcher on the Marder 1A5.

Marder 1A5 launching a MELLS ATGM.


Marder 1A5 in Afghanistan, note the camoflauge.


Marder 1A5 equipped with spectral camouflage.


Front view of the Marder 1A5 equipped with spectral camouflage.


Marder 1A5A1 equipped with spectral camouflage, note the design.


Marder 1A5A1 along with other variants of the Marder as well as Puma.




3 things
1: Spike-LR is unique in that it can be used in Fire-and-Observe mode, where the missile is launched without lock and guidance is given via fiberoptic cables. So FnF or wire-guided or switch between the two in flight.
2: I’m not familiar with the extent of the multi-spectral camouflage, but it’d probably be a pain to balance. A significant number of standard 1A5s were also retrofitted with MELLS and those would probably be a better fit for the game.
3: I don’t think War Thunder will ever have IEDs lol.

Otherwise, a perfect and much-needed addition for Germany’s 9.3 lineup (yes, ATGM would be extremely strong. But only 1 RTF and 4 others and practically useless AT cannon so balanced).

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+1, but the MELLS really should be available from the start.

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I think Milan F2 would be sufficient for stock. It’s got better penetration than the MELLS, assuming no ERA. It’s also better than the BGM-71C I-TOW, HOT, 9M113, 9M114, or 9M117. The Fire-and-Forget capability, longer range and tandem warhead of the MELLS would definitely be upgrades but the MILAN F2 would not be terrible. I’d argue though for the MELLS to be a Rank III mod instead of Rank IV, like the 9M113 on the BMP-1 or 9M117M1 on the BMP-3.

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Personally I think that it shouldn’t be implemented as an upgrade because the disparity between the MILAN and Spike is so large, so it should be seperate

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In my opinion the Marder 1A5 and 1A5A1 would be a great addition. Spontaneously I would say that the new Marder would fit well between 8.7 and 9.3. How a system like MELLS should be balanced at the level would of course still have to be clarified. However, since it would represent “only a slight increase in combat value” for War Thunder, I think I couldn’t be that wrong with my BR idea. In any case, I would be very happy about this addition.