Map rotation is completely destroyed

I wasn’t talking specifically about today or yesterday. I noticed many maps repeating itself constantly for the past, I don’t know, two weeks or so.

That i can agree…noticed it also (mentioned it above)…i assume it was some bug that got fixed…
But seems ok now…and it is not usual to get same map 3 times in a row…

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Yep, how a game with 150.000 players online still with long queue times (i got a 4min wait 4 times yesterday) and so many repetitive maps? I was questioning myself this week. Or its another proof that the game mechanics are outdated or the amount of players online is false. Even with map ban, with this amount of players such things shouldnt be happening.

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My map rotation seams fine again now.

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Getting Sweden in 3 out of 4 times is still way too much.

I play games with only 10 maps and you perfectly can stay one hour without see the same map and very rarely you get the same map 2 times but here is WTF Thunder with 51 maps plus variants but since near one weak you cant play outside the same exactly 7 or 8 maps.
A problem like that in another game wil be solved in hours or just a few days but is Gaijin and probably the MM still completely destroyed for months.


This seems to be the pattern for me as well.
You get map “A” then map “B” and map “A*3”.

Did the reintroduction of night battles break the matchmaker? It started around that time.

The like/dislike feature we can use is not for map “selection”, never has been. They are called Random Battles for a reason. Disliking a map will not decrease how many times a player sees it, just as liking a map does not mean that you will get it more often. The “data” we have given them by making these choices is to help them, adjust/fix/alter current maps if they so choose, or remove them until that can be done. And the liked maps gives them ideas on what the players actually prefer to play. . helping them create better maps in the future. Even a Banned map can show up for a player, but it is not as likely.
The map rotation algorithm seems to run so many maps, “X” amount of times before one is rotated out, and another takes it’s place. I believe this is why you can/will see the same map a few times before you get another. Especially if the player is slamming the same line up/nation/BR repeatedly and going straight back into queue as soon as possible. I do not believe that the MM’er has anything to do with map selection, just making up the teams. The the map algorithm takes those teams and gives them whatever map is next in the “rotation” . . . Pretty sure this is how it works, but ask a Tech MOD to get the skinny for sure. At any rate, it is not a diabolical plot or conspiracy to hinder players fun/grind. They are just simple mindless programs that can only work with what the players have in queue . . pretty sure

Yes queue times are totally borked as well. I’m playing the exact same modes, times of days, servers, everything as I did months ago with fewer players online, and I used to have 5-10 SECOND queues, and now I often randomly have 4 MINUTE queues.

But then other times 5-10 seconds again, in the same play session. I dunno, makes no sense. The fact that it seemed to start right about when they did the night battles thing certainly seems likely to be relevant. Since that was overtly them monkeying with the queue/matchmaking code.

I realise this. Which is why I had said it is used by Gaijin to make decisions on the maps they put in rotation, therefore the players “decide” as a whole.

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I haven’t noticed wild fluctuations in queue times.
Most of the times you get your match in like 5 seconds, and if you are playing on peak hours queue can be literally instant.

Oh I thought that just me and just a symptom of late night playing.Thanks for that.

Gaijin can you just bring back pre-night battles MM, please??? the actual rotation is just a big P.O.S.


I got flanders 4 times in a row which I was actually quite pleased about

Well…we have Air, Ground and Naval…and 3 game modes, so 9 overall variants. Then you have BRs up to 11 or so in overlapping slices of 1. And of course players “online” may not be queuing for battles…and we have also several servers that may or not be a factor.
I do not know if number of players is accurate…but the game has a lot of variants that delay queueing a bit i guess. Most FPS only care about maps…
That said…in lower BRs my queues are very fast, and increase a bit as i move up in BR…but at least in Arcade it is rare to have more than 3min…and usually it is below 1min. (EU, Arcade, between BR1 and BR8)

As to maps repeating…leaving early increases the odds of getting the same map…not sure if a “feature” and if it changed as i rarely leave early…

Are you playing at extremely off hours ?
I don’t recall having a queue longer than a minute at any BR while queueing for GRB (morning/midday/evening/late night), unless of course, there’re problems with the servers themselves.
In like, I would say, 99% of the cases my queue time is below 10s.

Yea this happens to me all the time as well.

52 Maps existing out of which when playing 11.7 only like ~7 are locked out due to BR but yet its always the same ~4 Maps and very often the same one in a row.

And its not even the ones i have liked nor disliked


Im not getting long waiting times except for late at night when most have gone to bed ,then I just change server to US

Except it’s literally the opposite of what the company has said, so I don’t know why people believe this.

“The “Dislike” feature will be available to all players - if a few players from the matching queue have the same mission or location marked as unwanted, the location will be skipped, and the new location will be selected.”