Map rotation is completely destroyed

Another update today and no fix the destroed map rotation, one later i see exactly the same maps.

I was banned from forum for two days, sadly the bugs fix dont work so fast as the mode-ration.

You are stuck in the same maps for hours.

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This stupid rotation offering one or two maps for a too long time, and worse; some maps have almost diseappeared: Karelia, Ash River; and Novorossysk, Tunisia are not showing any more!

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Finland and Big Sinai are mssing too, i dont haved a battles in these maps since this mess started, so clearly map rotation is bugged.

They are surely busy ensmallening even more maps, making one cap modes that have like 40% of the map as a no-go zone painted in red.


I haven’t seen Flanders to the point where I had to set up a custom game for myself just to see what it was like and get used to it.

Indeed it looks like the server chooses a map for a given time and throws everyone on it.

When I play with a stream in the background, the streamer and I always come across the same maps in the same amount of time

I got Flanders a lot lately…like all new maps, it had some added probability…you either have very “bad” RNG…or used some game mode and BR that did not like Flanders :)

BTW…map rotation was a bit odd (too many repetitions) a few days back…seems normal now…at least for me.

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It is absolutely that, you can see it objectively on the server replay search website. If you just spit out all the replays with an open ended empty search box, and sort by timestamp, you will see the huge GLOBAL blocks of specific maps within certain minutes of clock time.

(it’s not literally just one map, because of BR range restrictions, but it will be a series of the same 2 or 3 only for the entire game, covering all the BR ranges, for long blocks of time in a row)

To illustrate this; two pages of the replays server (tank RB selected) almost full of Hurtgen Forest!
Worse: it’s almost the same layout (domination1) all the time!
Gaijin must stop this bad joke.


Yeah, that’s “Hurtgen Forest is only BR 3.3 or higher” or something like that, so the occasional Sinai or Ash River is the BR 2-3 low tier games firing off in between, only because it’s not ALLOWED to also give them hurtgen forest like everyone else, lol.

It’s hilarious really ,you have to laugh :)

Well they happen in big long blocks, though, so it makes pretty good sense. One of them happened to be online during the long block of flanders games, and one happened to be online during long blocks of other maps, not at the same time.


This seems to be true but it is these big long blocks that seem to be the issue.
I can actually tolerate repeated maps if it’s a map that is suited to the line up I brought out.
I like some maps and I am good on them.
I try to tailor my line up for any possibility but some things like UK at 5.3 struggle in the Advance to the Rhine map so I’m bailing out after getting it twice then a third time.Im no death leaving which is a negative trait and if I cared about stats they would take a hit as well.

Rotation should be just that.Every map available in rotation.


Maps do repeat a lot apparently…but by batches…not sure if they are trying a different algorithm. TBH i didnt realize it before reading this…to the individual player it will not be noticeable as maps keep changing over time…so we get different maps.
Some days ago i was getting repetitions…not so many now…so perhaps a new algorithm and they are tuning it…

EDIT:If you bail out at start, odds are you will get the same map…but i dont usually do this…

Getting the same map 3-4 times in a row is clearly noticeable by anyone, and is also quite frustrating thing to have considering how many maps we have in the game.


There is definitely an issue.Why get the same map and battle format 3 times in a row when there are so many maps?

Are you playing the entire match?

For the most part, yeah.

Well…just checked your repetitions…cant find many on the last games.
You had a couple “abandoned town” in a row…but that can be RNG…or you left early on that one…
You can check your matches replays here:[keyword]=&Filter[nick]=MotorolaCRO&Filter[statistic_group]=tank&action=search
Like i said…i THINK there was an issue a few days back as i noticed it also…but right now it looks fine to me.