Map filter the "useless" feature that should be remove

To be honest your opinion most of it are really ridiculous and I’m sure you don’t even have an idea how this game doing before those casual flooding the game let alone before map filter even in the game is used to be more balance than this its combination of the small and large map depends on the tier now? it fcked up thank to that map filter

so dont use it?

We’re not getting any dialogue about this with them so you need to adapt:

If you have lots of nations, crew lock isn’t a problem. Just quit the match and change nations.

If you don’t have multiple nations, with the new time-based repair costs, enter the game on the disliked map, choose you favourite vehicle, J out, then choose the next vehicle and J out. Repeat until no more spawn points. You can then quit the game with no (or minimal) repair costs and move on to the next game. Depending on lineups, you may have some crew locked vehicles but it’s better than nothing.

Make the most of map bans & dislikes. For example, if you are playing at higher tiers, don’t use them on Frozen Pass or Stalingrad as those maps are only up to 7.7. If you like lower tiers, don’t use them on maps like Pradesh, which is only 7.7 and above.

If you keep getting the same map, use your map ban dynamically to suit what you’re facing, then restore the ban after the repetition has cleared.

Adapt it not something I’m incapable but boredom is what i feel like now

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I know what you mean but we don’t have many options.

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