Map design

There needs to be a massive change to how maps work in warthunder, spawns are wide open on maps and the enemy team can attack you from any angle on some maps, and we dont need huge open maps. we need multi town/city maps that are large that have 3-5 points. this would really help the excessive spawn camping that is in this game, and im not the only one who thinks this. many many players do to and i think there needs to be more entirely new maps in 2024 that fix alot of the issues of current maps.

Care to say what BR you might be talking about?

Top teir 11.7 ground RB

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City maps are already a punishment, no need to make the problem worse.

they are better than wide open Ardennes map.

Ardenes are a godsend when compared to likes of sun city and sweden.

ive had really good games on sweden, Ardennes is really cancerous because you can get sniped from one sides spawn by literally any angle

Issue with Ardennes map is not thats it open but its issue is its way to small. For 11.7 it should be at least 3 times bigger.

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yeah like something needs to change with that

The whole forum is riddled with people complaining about how they hate urban maps.
Maybe you could spawn in a forest or something.

Modern MBTs especially NATO were made for big open areas like the plains in Europe where armour and range were an advantage. Helicopters were made to destroy tanks at a range where they were invulnerable to the tanks they were trying to kill.

The player base begged for helicopters in game and Gaijin obliged, now they are begging to have them removed because they are getting spawn camped from the start. Who is the idiot here? The devs or the players?

i think helicopters are fine tbf but the players arent really smart with the MBT spam that’s always apparent, i think giving players something unique to light vehicles like for example the strf9040B, that would make them more enjoyable to play

Ardenes really have single issue, and thats with how unprotected approaches to the northern part of the map are.

Town + south are pure kino.

You could argue that big open maps favour NATO tanks and the closer proximity maps favour vehicles of Russian origin which can be lighter and more maneuverable. Putting both types of map out there for higher tiers in equal measure should bring about balance across the spectrum.

Gaijin do work across the spectrum but it is not recognised by a short-sighted player base unfortunately.

Many ,myself included see the fact that Gaijin make WW2 and modern tanks share maps as just laziness. If it is not then it’s about time Gaijin stepped up to explain their thinking.

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I feel like light vehicles need more love, and that would prob help alot with how teams behave. give them more supportive capabilities like extra fire extinguishers (since the recent decision to make blowout racks near to unsurvivable) or allow them to have the ability to recrew friendlies, or just something. but lets not get off track about that, i just feel like we need new maps that are entirely new

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It seems like there are so many on here who have some kind of issue with maps. That redline thing they did was so unpopular that it has gone now(as far as I can see)

Gaijin reacted to the backlash there. Infact, I think there was demonstrations in the form of just leaving the battle when players saw that type of map, just left ,I know I did.

I wonder if to a degree Gaijin could implement a random map generator for simpler maps. Nobody would have any prior knowledge of the map and it might help cut spawn camping and camping in general.

You could maybe opt in or out to the map generator.

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Any map <2.8km should not be playable 8.0+

like you mean the bigger maps right

yep. the “<2.8km” means anything less than 2.8km shouldn’t be playable at 8.0+

The issue I see in many maps (especially with urban maps) is there’s not really a front to go off of, like there’s so many angles that you cant really do much by yourself cause there’s so many people coming from so many angles. And to counter that you need a team which in war thunder, being a team doesn’t really exist.

Take the Sinai map, I enjoy that one even if its so small cause you know where the front is and you can change the game plan depending on how many people are at each part of the map.

But look at Sweden, the map has so many angles that cant cover yourself and it just comes down to luck on if a person is going to be at that corner or not.

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That sinai “counterattack” on the left towards the fuel silos is express ticket back to garage 90% of the time.