MAP Advice Part I - [Operation] New Guinea - valid for Air RB

As i play now every day 1 or 2 matches on this map and i see basic mistakes on both sides, I would like to give some advice for players not familiar with this map.

Map basics:

  1. Air Spawn for all planes
  2. Ground targets are “invisible” from altitude (enemy and friendly)
  3. Ground units of Japanese team - Grid E 4
  4. Ground units of US/GB team - north and south of border Grid F 4 and E 4
  5. The ships on this map seems to have upgraded damage models
  6. Only visible ground targets for US/GB team from alt: 3 JP carriers
  7. Visible ground targets for JP team from alt: None
  8. Contrail alt: Much higher than the usual 5.400 meters
  9. 3x6 vehicle spawn late game like on Sicily
  10. Map is extremely large, engine damage often fatal

Main mistakes i see from Japanese teams:

  1. Bombers can’t find any bases and are unaware of enemy air spawn
  2. Instead of climbing they fly straight to the enemy or try to attack ships
  3. Enemy air spawn make them easy prey if enemies are climbing
  4. JP fighters are not climbing enough and dive on first enemy
  5. JP fighters get baited to chase Wyverns

Main mistakes i see from US/GB teams:

  1. Bombers attack carrier fleet as they can’t see any other targets
  2. Bombers don’t climb enough and got ez prey due to air spawn
  3. Fighters are not climbing enough
  4. Fighters follow bombers in highly effective af aaa
  5. Fighters try to kill ships and even carriers with 0.50 cals


  • Bombers on both sides often refuse to spawn or crash on purpose as either they see no (JP) or just almost unkillable targets (Carriers for US/GB).
  • Fighters often refuse to climb enough and underestimate the very long way back to airfield in case of engine/cooler damages.
  • Almost all players show no patience and are not using the large size of the map to their advantage.

Hope this helps some of you!

Edit: Contrail alt is about 6.400 meters, no ai planes

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Or… remove the map from rotation, it’s a horrible map and not fun at all. I usually land and J out when I get this map.

Hmh - idk what to say - but the map is actually way more demanding than the usual maps and often played in 6 vs 6 up to 10 vs 10 lobbies - i love it.

Small lobbies increases your own impact - and the sheer map size together with the absence of ai planes allows actually tactical game play. I win quite often 1 vs 3-4 by tickets as usually you can win with a single pillbox kill - if you have the necessary patience and map know-how…my post should increase the map know how for players without the necessary experience.