Make the Sagittario 2 9.0 for air rb

The current state of the Sagittario 2 is absolutely ridiculous with uptiers to 10.3 and 9.7 with no afterburner, flares, chaff, or missiles. It can outright be avoided by the enemy team and be bullied by everything in tier unless the enemy is stupid enough to turn fight it. The fact that the way better premium Ariete and this hunk of junk are at the same br goes to show how Gaijin doesn’t use their brain past 9.0 when it comes to balance. How am I supposed to dodge an r60 with this?

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Ah yes I would love fighting a plane that I cannot catch or outturn in my Meteor F.8 or MD452


How dodge a R60 with Ariete? Or G91, or CL13? Even 9.0 is in range of AIM 9L.
It’s not a problem of the Sagittario, it’s a over all problem by BR compression.

The joke is decreasing BR of Lim5 but increase the Saggitario from 8.7 to 9.3 over time.

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This whole system is just broken

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Maybe if they allowed us to opt out of uptiers and downtiers at least part of the issues plaguing jet tier would be solved. What do you think?

No. Imagine fighting a Sagi in a Me-262. 8.0-9.0 have no chance of outrunning, outturning, outclimbing or killing it any other way. Imagine putting the A6M5 at 3.0.

Then wtf am I supposed to do against the f-5c, f-5a, f-8E, mig-21MF, mig-21SMT, and su-17M2?

A6M5 is currently slower than heavy bombers in it’s own BR, at 3.0 it would still be slower than most things.

You can turnfight them. 8.0-9.0 planes cannot do ANYTHING against a Sagi or Ariete.

My point still stands. Downtiering these planes to make them able to turnfight and outrun/outenergy all other contemporaries doesn’t work.