Major Update 'Alpha Strike" - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 4)

Well, your anger in pointed at the wrong people it is justified at the county in general.

And I fully agree everything is C&P unless is for X 3 nations (despite being heavily modified) I find.

Naaa, a long time ago I saw someone asking for a stug in USA cause they captured one and nobody complained about c&p

If it’s for a new tree it’s c&p, if it’s for their tree no problem

And quote me where I said I want those vehicles in my "favourite tree?

Hell I have 5 nations at rank VIII for ground. So I’m good whatever ends up happening.

I just like WW2 over modern. So it’s way another MBT/Jet only tree is a negative to me.

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In general, I was not aiming you in particular


LoL still remember this thread.


Oh no <<

I can see why to be honest, top tier can be really annoying to play. It’s just simple for me personally, if I have already played/spaded a vehicle I won’t waste a second of my time playing/spading it again in another tree. Unless I need it for a lineup for an actually unique vehicle.


Tbh I’m the other way around If there is a same vehicle in different tree that I already played.
I want to go for it as like I’ve said I’ve learnt what I can and can’t do in it.
So for me it take that stress off learning a vehicle and wasting RP and SL.


You did it guys! You crashed the forum

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Does the F-16A MLU get its AGM-65G’s? Or anything changed with it? Corrected countermeasures etc…


only the hungarian grippen for now

Understandable. I’ve seen some suggest the C&P stuff should have the RP needed to be halved to grind/spade it and I kinda agree. C&P is often there to help line-ups for that nation and it keeps some of the grind Gaijin thinks is “fun” over unlocking a spaded vehicle(at that point have it be a premium).


Hopefully, Gaijin invest some of the F-20(and the 6 others sold of the other premiums) money into better servers.

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no it will be on the Gr 7 and will lose its current mavericks

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Only thing with Czechoslovakia, that we would have a lack of top tier ground as most of the things we have now are more around 10.3/10.7 BR. That is why im still for mix of Poland and Czechoslovakia would come as single TT as they would fill each other gaps CZSK for low tier (and probaly SPAAs also) and Poland would fill top tier ground nicely


That will be a great tech tree

A mixed Polish/Czech tree would be really cool, actually!

Both nations have lots of unique aircraft and ground vehicles to offer.


Yeah, It would. Full of original vehicles. The cold war era tanks would be mostly soviet with later modified versions of the tanks so somewhat original also. There would be copy and paste especially around WW2 era with. But the TT would have a lots of original vehicles.