Major Update “Air Superiority” - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 4)

Only differences (Beyond the minor loadout differences) will likely be better RWR, radar and maybe engine (they had different engines but likely the most significant advantage will be in fuel consumption not thrust) .

Though overall performance will be almost identical I reckon, just with the C having very niche advantages.

Its a real shame the C never saw the Dev server. I guess we’ll have to wait 4 hours for the answer to those questions

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oh shit yeah we have like 4 hours till they start to release the update

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Quick how can we get to part 5…

ping every german main and say that the 2a7v isnt coming and then ping the russian players and tell them that sweden is getting a T80BVM


Also ask them where the KF-41 should go, I think Britain should get one as Australia Tested it


I was going to suggest a funky thing Canada has tested but I couldn’t find much past the
CV-90 (and couldn’t find much for these either)

and the fact Canada wanted to replace its tank fleet with “M1128 Mobile Gun System”


However, there are these funky things for WW2 Canadian vehicles:

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Swedish Gripen C batch 3 or Gripen C (Early) fitted PS-05/A Mk.3 radar, equipped Rafael Litening III targeting pod and carry RB.99 (AIM-120B) but SAAF Gripen C never fired RB.99

You guess gaijin could add early 5th generation infrared Air-to-Air Missile on Gripen C (Early) for swedish & SAAF in 2024 ?

Its possible. But I doubt it. Im currently guessing something like ASRAAM (Gen 5 IR) on something like the Tornado Gr4 end of 2024. Im doubting we’ll see Gen 5 IRs on dogfighters like the Gripen next year though

I can’t see Rafale/Eurofighter/F-2 coming until December 2024.

no word on thermal pods for russian cas?

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I hope its much sooner than then, but I guess, as always, its entirely dependent on what they add to US/USSR and when. They could be up to Typhoon/ Rafale, etc level by March for all we know

Impossible. They’d need to have AESA level radars and the like, we need to temper expectations.

I could see a Eurofighter in March with what they said but I think the 2ed/summer update is or likely.

Due to what little I understand. What I have gathered is that the F-18 basically needs to be the March update or it will be DOA with what they want to add next year.

Typhoon does not have AESA radar. It has Captor-M. A mechanical radar akin to that which is found in the Sea Harrier FA2.

But unless we expect the F-16 ADF, Mig -29G and Gripen C to be the only top tier aircraft for Germany, italy and Britain for the next 12 months. Typhoon must come sooner than that. Before long they will be completely outclassed. Maybe within a matter of months

you beat me to it lol but yeah tranche 1s have Captor-M

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It doesn’t mean it won’t, either.

Why wouldn’t German Typhoons get them?

Early Typhoons only used AIM-9L/Ms and equivalents, so it’s not like they’d be overpowered once ARH missiles are added, either.

Well. He was making the argument that Italian F-16ADFs shouldnt get Aim-9L/i because they are a German Modification of a US missile and that italy has “stolen too much”.

So as Germany has nothing to do with Meteor, Storm Shadow, Brimstones, etc. Then surely that means German Typhoons would be limited to German made weapons, which would mean IRIS-T only I think

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Ah, I see. I should have look at the entire context of the statement.