Major Update “Air Superiority” - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 3)

high tier strategic bombers mayhaps.

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Nothing is final at this point but I believe even lower.

Where you find that

much lower? so like 10.3?

Except at the same time people have been saying that a Gripen A could have easily been added with the F-16A and MiG-29.

While I do partially agree with you, the F-15 and Su-27 make just as much sense in this sentence as the Gripen.

MFG is 11.0 and others are 11.3.

ASMs don’t inpact BR at all. Annoyingly it’s the Tornados speed + 2x 9Ls + downtiers that forced it up to 11.0 and then guided weapons pushed it to 11.3



yeah, on a video.

say what? how does that make sense, while it would make it kinda worth it, thats just weird…

It was in the dev server about a year ago :P

You just killed him


Im going to use that as a meme template

Hey guys check it out the snail gave me early access to the new premium!


Damn lol 😂

Can I ask what is happening to the Pucara or why it hasnt come yet? It just dropped off a cliff

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Wait what. Germany is getting a premium tornado lower than 10.7

Meanwhile everyone else has to deal with non premium tornados at 11.3 which is practically unplayable?

Time for this Tornado to completely ruin base bombing for everyone on the same team as it…
Were there no lessons learned with the event one?



You could be right as well but i think it something that was next for a tree but they needed to wait for everyone else to catch up aka America and russia before they could get it

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I think the MFG suffered from good-players-wanted-to-try-new-mechanic syndrome

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