Major Update “Air Superiority” - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 3)

Gunna be OP in SB as a farmer. No guided weapons means 11.0. so EC8 more often.

Currently the 11.3 Tornados struggle against 12.3s especially in their current state.

So to be honest. Having no guided weapons could be a major asset for it

It’s probably some Russian vehicle made 2 months ago :p didn’t exist a year ago for them to be able to add it

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I bet its that argentina plane

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Perhaps but it was not something that would break the game, we have premium Japanese rocket launcher for a while, doub it was that.

let me guess its american, can carry gbus and theres one in game already…

Tech tree A6?

Nah it has to be the Gripen

It’s an early version without AGM at a much lower BR where it will do just fine.

you’re joking right

Or… Or it’s a big boy French battleship like a Dunkerque class, was ready year ago but since we didn’t have French navy…

Hopium is hard. But still guess it’s for the dual iconic planes.

Is this logic speaking or pure copium at this point?

No judgement, I’m curious.

It means about a year or so ago, this vehcile wasn’t really possible to introduce. That’s all we can say for now.


Don’t play Britain

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It on the list and was talked about a year ago so its the only logical choice for me and they said its coming

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Definetly Typhoon FGR4

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much lower? will it be 10.7 else it realy wont be worth it, when debatable the MFG should be 10.7 as well and the other tornados 11.0

Drop the copium my guy, you are going too high on it




He is overdosing

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It was?