Major Update “Air Superiority” - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 3)

Hmm … Or
its either of these two :


just a new tier 0 below to counter-balance the new tier at top


Make it the banner for the British Suggestions thread


what about japan

We haven’t made any announcements about an aircraft like that and we don’t comment on things being in the files as it’s rather meaningless. Things get added and removed all the time from them.

If something is coming, then we would have something to say about it when that happens.


Probably. But still, if this premium tornado is sub 11. Then Tornado Gr1, IDS and ASSTA must move down at least 1 stop too

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You guess in the future gaijin could add aircraft pre-order pack rank VII Tornado pre-GR.1 from RAF and Tornado IDS before 1995 from Italian like Tornado IDS WTD 61 ?

I hope so

is the secret vehicle high tiered or… you odnt have to be specific just general tier at which itll be

u forgot the F-111A exists… i am not sure a nerfed tornado can catch it

To be fair I belive gromvoiny said that it’s gonna be a tech tree vehicle which confirmed it as not just sitting in the files ;)

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Who said aircraft? I said vehcile. It could be a boat or a car for all you know ))


yes i fixed it

How it can be much lower when event Tornado is 11.0. It still have access to 9L. It cant be low like A-10 or Tram or it will wreck air rb. Adding pod and making it 11.3 is much better choice.


but the sidewinder surely can

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its a bomber not a fighter TT

Or even a Italian motorbike lol

The A10 turns better so just turn fight it and you will win

if you add a pod it’ll be the ASSTA

Please not a boat lol


Yamato and musashi please

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