Pre-Order: Tornado IDS WTD 61

no guided ammo, bad layout, bad flying characteristics for dropping those iron bombs, identical to the event one but more expensive… I don’t know, but this sure isn’t appealing to me… and perhaps another top-tier ju288 to ruin the fun of german team…


Gaijin has been on a low effort speedrun for at least the last 8 years.


Gaijin please for the love of your game cease making “near” identical premiums. This surely isn’t good for the game’s health if you’re just going for money over quality of life that is still needed.


Why do people have to spoil the fun by leaking lists etc about the new vehicles😭

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You can:
Buy the Tornado MFG
Buy a talisman for it
Buy a skin for it on the marketplace
and still have money left over compared to this.


Would be interesting, but I think this is going to be OP in SB.

A dev over in R&R was commenting on its BR and hinted it will be even lower than the MFG.

So basically a full Tornado IDS, with no guided weapons, always in EC8…

You won’t have a lower BR or premium bonuses. Furthermore the price for event Tornado are going to eventually skyrocket as their numbers dwindle on the market.

I feel it, as for now its a Marineflieger as premium with diffrent skins, and less weapon options… Sounds like Gaijin


If only gaijin were to add some ships so I can use the anti ship missiles on my tornado IDS


True, but you get a unique weapon and can use it to grind rank 9 when it arrives.

I’m hoping that at the very least tornados get their slats fixed before this brick gets released as a premium

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Wow is this a bad premium, what is even the point of this other than a money grab?

Gonna be a sh*t storm for those who having event IDS in the market


So besides dying alot, what else does it do better than or even close to any other tornado in the game? What does it have that would be a reason to by it?

lower BR

Literally nothing… its the event vehicle without the anti ship missiles. The Mig bis is still a better choice, even though it has no radar missiles.

Change it too a Mig 29 and then it’s worth it lol.

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@Stona_WT Will Israel get some advanced vehicles? All year Israel’s ground forces have received few advanced modern vehicles, further reducing the appeal of Israel’s tech tree

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That wont help it any…

They really need an IFV

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yes i agree with this!