Major Update “Air Superiority” - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 3)

Drop the copium my guy, you are going too high on it




He is overdosing

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It was?

high tier strategic bombers mayhaps.

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Nothing is final at this point but I believe even lower.

Where you find that

much lower? so like 10.3?

Except at the same time people have been saying that a Gripen A could have easily been added with the F-16A and MiG-29.

While I do partially agree with you, the F-15 and Su-27 make just as much sense in this sentence as the Gripen.

MFG is 11.0 and others are 11.3.

ASMs don’t inpact BR at all. Annoyingly it’s the Tornados speed + 2x 9Ls + downtiers that forced it up to 11.0 and then guided weapons pushed it to 11.3



yeah, on a video.

say what? how does that make sense, while it would make it kinda worth it, thats just weird…

It was in the dev server about a year ago :P

You just killed him


Im going to use that as a meme template

Hey guys check it out the snail gave me early access to the new premium!


Damn lol 😂

Can I ask what is happening to the Pucara or why it hasnt come yet? It just dropped off a cliff

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Wait what. Germany is getting a premium tornado lower than 10.7

Meanwhile everyone else has to deal with non premium tornados at 11.3 which is practically unplayable?