M4A4 Sherman V: The workhorse of the Royal Armoured Corps

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Sherman V


Vehicle history:

During the course of the second world war, the British recieved a staggering 17,184 Sherman tanks from the USA under Lend-Lease, which equated to roughly 78% of all Shermans provided under the program. During the course of the program the british recieved 7,167 of the 7,499 M4A4 Shermans manufactured, making them the primary user of the type, which was used in service under the name Sherman V and it became the primary tank used in both British and exhile armoured units equipt by the british such as the french and polish free forces. The truck derived petrol engine was found to be more reliable then other sherman powerplants at the time, resulting in the Sherman V becoming the prefered Sherman variant for british service, and as such it quickly became a backbone of armoured divisions, with the M4 Sherman I, M4A1 Sherman II and M4A2 Sherman III were also used in (roughly) that order of importance. In this role these vehicles were used extensivly in western europe, and were modified into other derivitives such as the Firefly that earned a reputation as a big cat killer. Because of this extensive usage, the Sherman V was used anywhere where shermans were used by the british, from normandy to italy, so it is rather odd that this extensivly used vehicle is not represented in the british tech tree currently.

Vehicle specification:




Additional historical photos:

Image showing the engine being fitted to a M4A4, illustarating its odd size due to it being five mated truck engines, that nessessitated the lengthining of the chassis:

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Photo of a preserved M4A4 Sherman V illustrating the additional armoured plates commonly mounted over the driver and radio operators bulges:

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The French has it, why couldn’t the British has it too?

+1 from me

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Its also in the chinese tree, the ironic thing is the ones we have in the other trees were ones the british gave to them XD


Heyyyy I had a suggestion for this vehicle on the old forums.

kind of a crime that it is already in game and just hasn’t been passed around to the british yet. It would literally be a copy-paste job


Aye, which is why it was such a simple suggestion to make, we used near on the entire production run, and we know exactly how it preforms, so it would be a half hour at most to add it to the brit tree, and would definitely be appreciated.

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Completely in favour.
I really don’t understand this gaijin mania, the biggest user of the M4A4 was the United Kingdom, the same is also true of the Type-69 IIA, which is in the Chinese tree, which is with the Chinese flag when it is a tank destined for export and it was iraq that used most of them.


Aye, once i get done with these armoured car suggestions, I am going to do one for the m3 GMC, which is mentioned in more or less every armoured car document i have been through as the units Close Support vehicle, as it turns out they were a staple in units up until the literal end of the war in europe. After that i will likely go through the prolific sherman variants, as people tend to forget the british empire used something like 35% of the total sherman production run, including more or less all of the m4 105s and near on every single m4a4

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+1 for all British Shermans. Even the 105s they didn’t really want but got anyway.


Silly the UK got the Sherman II instead of this in the first place. +1

the ironic thing is the sherman 2 was rather uncommon compared to the 1, 3 and 5

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I’m surprised this isn’t in-game yet, the British were the largest non-American users of the Sherman, and the Sherman V was one of the most prolific variants. +1!

Especially seeing as this variant was made specificically for lend-lease, its just funny that as previously stated the m4a4 we have in game were british ones sold or given to other nations during and post war XD

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It would a reason to putt the Sherman II at 3.3 and the V 3.7

Honestly we should have seen the sherman III and I before we got the II, as both were used in much larger numbers, of course all are dwarfed by the V. A folder for them might be most ideal. but all would be greatly appreciated also allowing them to spread them out a bit better in terms of brs

Great Post. I love the data sheets!

Yep, the irony is not lost.

Would love to see at least 2 variants:

  • Sherman V as a tech tree machine.
  • Sherman V (RP-3) as a premium.
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+1, it’s a shame this variant has not yet been added