M26 SHOULD return to 6.3

Not a lot of threads talk about this but besides nerfing the XM-1 (GM) best round the M735 from it’s former level of penetration, It’s comparable to a 8.7 vehicle now and is actually laughable that it’s still 9.3
That being said the M26 Pershing while “historically accurate” should be fighting Tiger 2s as the game has it currently, The M26 performs a lot better at 6.3 and actually isn’t overpowered, Besides that the PzGr 39 round that Germany has is actually busted with it’s penetration power and just kills everything with ease.

Historically speaking also, The M26 Pershing was a HEAVY tank design while the T26E1-1 Super Pershing is a Super Heavy tank along side the T26E5 why is a Panther D fully capable of penning a M26 frontally with ease when the M26 is not able to do the same to a vehicle that is more than a full BR lower than it? Either this is a volumetric armor issue or the PzGr 39 needs to be balanced properly because the hidden values of the round tend to literally out-perform all other rounds around 5.0 to 6.7 from every other nation.

Slotting the M26 into the heavy line along side the 76 Jumbo and making it 6.3 again makes more sense for game balancing reasons and seeing as how the M26 can BARELY compete against a Tiger II in the game’s current state I do believe this is a reasonable change for the vehicle.


XM-1 is still strong at 9.3 dunno what you’re smokin.
The nerf to it’s round was unnecessary and the Devs said they will fix it.

I agree with the M26 part tho.


Never said the XM-1 wasn’t powerful, Just saying the round itself is comparable to a 8.7 vehicle since that’s the general penetration level at 8.7

The tank itself is the best tank at 9.3 BR probably though

certainly better than an amx 32 105

Heavily comparable to the Leopard A1A1, The premium I would say is better than the XM-1 though

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The leopard doesn’t even come close in terms of mobility, turret speed , gun elevation speed and chemical protection. Everything about the chassis is better


The M26 was only considered a heavy tank during the time it was active in WW2, and it was mostly due to morale (obviously people feel safer if the tank they are in is a “heavy tank”) and weight (if I’m not mistaken the US considered tanks over 40 tons to be heavy tanks).

Immediately after wards in the post war era it was very clear that the M26 was better designated as a medium tank than a heavy tank.


When it comes down to that, Yes but the reload is the same and it has a 120 over a 105, Only Britain and Germany have Premium 120s at 9.3

Gaijin has the M26 clocked in at 41.6 Tons so by that logic would still make it a heavy tank

Well no because again even the US decided that it was a medium tank immediately after WW2 ended.

In fact the T26 was originally considered a medium tank. Only partly through development, in the 29th of June 1944, did they decide to designate it as a heavy tank

calibre doesn’t really matter in gameplay. The Leo1a5 is slightly better than the leo1a1l44 with a 105mm cannon (10mm better penetration and smaller ammo etc.)

There is really no difference between the 105 and 120 with early ammo

Regardless of what it’s considered to be, 6.7 is not a good place for it to be.

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I agree that 6.7 is no place for it but that is more a problem of the fact that the majority of 6.7 heavy tanks haven’t been moved up than the M26 itself being poorly BR’d.

It’s ridiculous that for the past two BR changes basically all that Gaijin has done is increase the BRs of vehicles below 6.7 and not touch a lot of the vehicles already at 6.7, leading to ridiculous compression. Tiger II (P) at the same BR as Tiger II (H) SLa.16, M26 at the same BR as T26E1-1, T26E5 and M26E1, so on.

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The XM-1 should be 9.3, but M735 needs to be fixed, and it needs to get smoke grenades. I wouldn’t want it to face 8.0 tanks.

It does matter to some extent, For example the Lago 1 has discarding SABOT at 2.7 with a 37mm cannon, It can pin quite well but falls off hard at around 3.7-4.0 meanwhile the same round with a larger cannon can produce more power, Ultimately size does still matter.

I reckon the Tiger 2s should be bumped up to 7.0 along with the other heavy tanks, I’ve been one shot by them at 8.7 in a face to face situation while in a Magach 6, They preform well with the PzGr 39 and I don’t think putting them up against early HEAT-FS is a bad idea

Yeah sure but the pen is worse for the 120mm cannon (dm13) compared to the 105mm cannon (dm33) and there is zero difference in post pen. Did you even play these vehicles?

Not really, I hate facing ATGMs

Nah. The M26 is more than the sum of its parts and an excellent vehicle. On the M26 vs Panthers debate, the M26 can easily UFP Panthers with APCR, while Panthers struggle against the Pershing. I’m not sure where you got the idea that a Panther D can easily pen an M26, but that is simply not the case.
The M26 offers increased mobility over the T26E5 at the expense of armour and reload rate and mobility over the T26E1-1 at the expense of armour and penetration. They all deserve the same BR. Certainly, the M26 shouldn’t be the same BR as the T25 or T-34-100 and lower than the T44, AMX-13, or Cent Mk 2.
Now what the problem is is that many 6.7 vehicles that’s should have gone up in BR didn’t, which causes many other 6.7s to struggle.
The M26 doesn’t need to be lowered in BR. The following 6.7 vehicles (and I may be forgetting some) just need to be upped in BR
Tiger IIs except P
Obj. 268

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