M1a2's weak armor

M1A2 sep and m1a2 not have realistic armor. We need to have uranium armors. M1A2 realistic under armor. We need to new m829a3 or a4 for realistic gameplay. m1a2’s under side same as m1a1 real life is not like this. We need new and balanced armor, ammunition. btw Tusk is not worth , nothing gona happen with tusk ı cant see any change just +3500kgs


the M1 series tanks perform fine as they are right now.
uranium armour is just another useless addition (as far as the status quo is concerned), while WT may claim to be historically accurate game, it is no stranger to balancing.
trust me broski, you do NOT want another volumetric moment from Gaijin

but you adding to game m1a2 SEP, Sep have better armor but in game trash under armors :( trash cannon armor its so weak ı dont know. Sep always used m829a3 round but gaijin dont add this round in game. BVM have god forged ERA. he can richochet my rounds era sides or driver armor side


that ammunition is too powerful for the game right now.
i could ask for the DM73 which can pen a god, but i dont because the game is not ready for it.
plus real and official armour values are classified which cannot be replicated ingame.
as for russian tanks, the coupling effect of ERA and composite inside the utrret and UFP is a great match if you dont know where to shoot.
try aiming for the LFP or the drivers hatch or the turret ring. also u can try mantlet shots but they are iffy all the time

thanks for your help :) ım not a good tanker. But ım trying something. ı started with russia ground forces and ı take bvm and for now ım playin with USA ı dont know feels weak sometimes.

oh trust me going against Russia is quite hard esp in top tier since they have VERY good lineups. DW team work will net you victory

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As an American, please educate yourself before making post like this ever again.
100% of what you said is incorrect.

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But isn’t is unfair when one side has to aim for special weakpots, while the other one just blaps everything with sloppy third person aimed shots into any part of hull armor?


the turret of the m1 is impenetrable, the ufp is ricochet land unless the angle is bad, and the lfp is reasonably small as is the gun mantlet.
i fight both m1 and t72 and they are no where as lowly armoured as my leo 1, leo2av, kpfpz, m48 super or leo 2a4.

note: if the angle is right you can easily pen the ufp of the t72 and t80 series

M829A3 & A4 do not have equivalents for ALL OTHER COUNTRIES in the world.
So no, they’re not needed.
M1A2’s turret armor is accurate. Breech armor IDK.

Well not just Abrams every NATO tanks in the game armor is too weak (maybe except STRV-122)
Hull armor is too weak for Abrams when it should be stronger because of DU armor in the game it feel like export version of Abrams (maybe even export model are stronger than in the game)
same goes as Leopard 2A6 that don’t have D Tech armor package.

You’re right and it the reason why Russian calling Strv-122 OP (when it not)

what should i say can i blame the other countries that can’t make better rounds than US?
well at least German have DM73 and DM63 (might not pen better than DM53 but very hard to explode)
why can give 2010 ammunition to Russians and can’t give M829A3 which is older to US? sound unfair to me.
and ammo itself such as L27A1 and DM53 still missing anti ERA ability.


DM73 is DM53 with more powder, quite literally that’s it.
And 3BM60 is worse than even M829A1, which is on M1A1.
DM53 doesn’t have anti-ERA capabilities, you’re thinking of a potential DM83.
L27A1 also doesn’t have anti-ERA capabilities and is on par with 3BM60.

So no, there is nothing unfair here other than 3BM59 isn’t in the game yet.

Espacenet – search results

Tandem dynamic protection “Doublet” (btvt.info)

and bonus

unless you find something better that show me to prove DM53 don’t have anti ERA i’m all ears
not trust me bro/.com


interesting that’s why dm53 was made to defeat heavy era…^^

also some proof that your clam is true and not straight out of the place where the sun doesn’t shine ?

there more then enough reports made for rounds such as dm53 or L27 missing it’s anti era capability’s

the hull does not have DU

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DM53 doesn’t have anti-ERA capabilities, you’re thinking DM83.

Correct, it doesn’t in the game, BUT it does have them in real life. Same with L27. DM53 was made to defeat Heavy ERA and Rheinmetall straight up says it does do that, so I’ll be trusting them.

Both are them are, truth be told, in a nerfed state right now.

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You’ll notice all the ERA for that tank is in-tact, meaning the round didn’t hit ERA.
Which is possible to accomplish in WT.

@MuricaxSuffers @Shadow_Monarch

Being made to “defeat” can just mean high-pen, that’s it. Not have anti-ERA features of DM83 or M829A3+.
And DM53 can defeat tanks with ERA, just not all of them.

I really do hope that they are paying you properly. Always love to read your stuff here for fun.


The US federal government, & Washington state government are paying me well enough.

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