M109 battlerating

And then there’s tanks like the VIDAR…

i played it, i think all bonk cannons should go up .7 br besides the vidar


I think glass canons are about hiding places and solid cover. With the map changes the M109 may have its reign of terror ended every soon.

Who knows? Gaijin seem to take one action to correct the last wrong action every update.

Vidar should easily go up.

M109s just further ruin armor in the game, but with a 17 second reload they’re not fun to play, currently a problem just seems to be the atrocious damage models in the game, having played the Type 99 you one shot everything and in return you just absorb shells.

If heavy tanks didn’t consistently got one shot and light armor didn’t consistently shrug off everything the balance of the game would be a lot different, but light tanks are just voids on the inside.


I agree with this M109 is extremely annoying at 6.0, then again, armor means nothing. It was HEAT slingers now it’s HE slingers who ruin the immersion and fun.


Two words that don’t seem to mean anything anymore.

Probably made Gaijin a lot of money. More likely got a promotion.
Hopefully they all float higher the next time they have a BR adjustment.


Agreed but now so much WW2 stuff is raised to 6BR the Cold War monsters will have to go to 7 before we are rid of them. I think we will just have to suck it up and say goodbye to immersion and gameplay.

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BR decompression?


I find it infinitely hilarious that the average heavy tank driver will do anything to avoid the survivability onion, while screaming that paper-armored huge-ammo-racked house-sized unstabilized bouncy-gun vehicles are somehow a threat

Perhaps pay more attention to the battlefield like everyone else and you won’t get wiped from it by an (underperforming, BTW) 155mm HE shell 👍

To test I am using the German M109G (Br.6.0) together with the M48A2C (Br7.7) and the Marder A1 (Br.7.7), and it is quite easy to realize that in fact it is almost the same as the M48 and is even quite superior in effectiveness compared to the Marder. In fact the biggest problem with the M109 is that the maps are too small and focused on the CQC, making it greatly surpassed by enemies with a stabilizer, in more open maps the M109 kills everything easily, even Br 8.7.

All M109 variants and similar vehicles (2S3M, 2S1,G6, Type 75, etc etc) should move up and his place replaced by WW2 era SPG like M7 priest, Hummel, Wespe, or another similar time vehicles.

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Quite a silly suggestion, the SPGs as of now with the exception of VIDAR are at good BRs and only punish bad plays/awareness.

Meanwhile the Au. F1 is at 7.0.

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Silly is put proximity shells vs 5.3 planes or how a 6.3 SPG can one shot frotally heaviest 7.7 tanks.


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As if planes aren’t already an oppressive force in ground battles that deserve to be removed, and proxy shells don’t take any skill to aim compared to filling the sky with lead?

And yes, if you aim your HE right you can frontally one-shot heavy tanks. You know what else you can one-shot heavies with that requires the same amount of skill? APDS and HEAT. Playing a heavy tank means you have more armor to fall back on in case of a hit, it doesn’t mean you should be dozing off in the battlefield enough not to notice a vehicle the size off a house with a bouncy suspension, no stabilizer, and paper-thin armor (99% of howitzer carriers)

Au F1 deserves at least a new primary shell and buff to its PF to be similar velocity to type 99’s…

It’s silly it gets a shell I don’t believe it even used for the HE selection, while the VIDAR gets the shell it should use

You cant kill frontally a Maus with a single HEAT or APDS. Specially wiht the crap post pen damage APDS do.

And you talk about player skill isues??? LMAO.
Very good mobility and insane fire power for his BR, that things are doing useless rank 3 and 4 heavy tanks.

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HE is the only thing that can reliably one shot kill everything in the game, makes a complete joke of all the big heavies.

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Honestly, I’m totally okay with M109 & Co. around this BR.

Being deleted by a giant artillery piece is more fair than being LOLpenned by a go-kart 20+ years in the future. The arty can’t move nearly as fast while being the size of a house.

I guess it reminds me of things like the Dicker Max or Sturer Emil reining in rampaging Churchills or KV-1 ZiS-5/E running around like they own the place.

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