M109 battlerating

Is it just me that finds m109’s annoying? The gun is crazy powerful for its br and deletes anything in sight… I feel like it has no place at 6.0 battling ww2 tanks…


Have you used a overpressure reliant vehicle before?

Honestly BR seems ballpark correct for what the vehicle gives. Basically any heatslinger at that BR is more reliable, and same with anything that has decent APHE or AP


Yes i definitely have but now the 6.0 battlerating is absolutely filled with m109’s and i dont think its good for the br.


Overpressure is pretty reliable maybe not with smaller calibers but with m109’s and 2s3’s its reliable for sure

Mass deployment of a single vehicle isn’t good for any BR. Doesn’t matter if you move the vehicle or not it will still be bad.

Less reliable than basically every heat-fs round or decent AP shell. You need to aim for specific spots on vehicles with a respectable amount of armor. Its no lol-pen machine like whar you get with a 90mm heat round. Like if the M109 had a 90mm heat round it would likely be a higher BR.

There aren’t really many heat slingers in the 6.0 BRs anymore. They mostly appear after the 6.7 BRs, but even then, the heat slingers around 6.0 aren’t that effective. For example, the M41’s HEAT-FS shell isn’t very good at all.

From my experience with 2S3 and similar vehicles, aiming isn’t really necessary until you reach higher BRs

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You mean aiming at turret cheek and everything is instantly dead ?
For most vehicles at around their BRs, they’ll just aim at the same weakspots APHE slinger would.

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on most tanks in that br as long as you dont aim for the barrel or something dumb like that then youre gonna kill your target

Yes it is the aiming experience of a gun that has good shot oppertunities, but also less options than any good AP round

I mean:
ELC bis
M36B2(is 5.7)
Ikv103 (4.0)
ASU-85 (6.3)
Jpz 4-5 (6.3)

Like there isnt an infinite amount but each and every one of them have a more reliable gun.

And thats ignoring the lol-pen AP and APDS things like the CA Lorraine

Edit: like i wouldn’t be pointing to the gun at all if i were to argue it should be higher.

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ELC bis 💀

At legit 0.7 BR higher you have the Bkan 1 C, with a 1.5 second reload, HE being very inconsistent, I can only consistently kill planes with the VT round, I wouldn’t say it’s at a bad BR, it’s just the vehicles it faces have a hang point between the front plane and turret face, having a lightly armored roof, making it easier to kill things, while the Bkan 1C has a higher BR, and arguably better, but goes against tanks that don’t have those hang points to shoot at, for example, the IS-3. The M109 has an arguably better layout, but same armor, and worse reload.

yes, its an incredibly nice vehicle at 6.0.

its fast, lolpen gun, low profile and decent reload.

Maus is hard to balance becuase is OP in downtiers…they said…
I really love how Gaijin works, people complain about postwar stuff and they react moving tanks like RU-251 or T-114 to 7.3 or light frech tank to 7.7 but two doritos later add spam of post war spg can destroy with a one shot everything in 6.3, 400 mm HEAT disspensers to 6.0 and so on…


Idk how devs don’t see that adding 6 M109s was maybe too much. I think it will do fine higher br too easily since its rather uptier proof also a lot of time I would prefer 2S1 that has better HE-VT and also HEATFS also at 6.0 or 2S3M that offers some actual protection and also APHE and HEAT while M109 is literally made out of aluminium foil. While stuff gaijin forgot existed like M51 and other not super giga shit heat should go up a bit they arent very reliable either tho at least when you fuck up HEAT usually will do some damage still like kill one crew but HE its either kill or no damage.
Also i hope we get ELC bis(Light combat vehicle) made into a light tank by 2030 or something that thing would be much more fun if it had access to scouting and arty

I don’t like gaijin’s trend of adding HE spammers to every nation and ruining the final bastion of the armor meta where frontal armor was somewhat consistent. Of course the meta has always been oriented towards more mobile vehicles, but this makes heavies even more outdated.

As for the M109 itself, it recently got hit with a reload nerf that puts it back to 17 seconds stock reload with no autoloader so that the reload becomes monstrous the second you lose one crew member. It has no armor and the turret traverse is awful, making it difficult to play on urban maps. It is only ‘OP’ insofar as it’s good at dealing with enemies that come at it one at a time.

It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a long time, the SPGs with large caliber and little armor could perfectly raise them by one or two more Br and nothing would happen, since with the HE you kill a Tiger 2 just as well as a T-62, apart from which thanks to their non-armor makes them extremely resistant, and if that were not enough, in many cases when the ammunition hits them it does not detonate. This is clearly another gaijin balancing error.

It just comes in at a Meta/Canon breaking BR . I don’t care what anybody wants to say about Era separation. I don’t want to see an M109 in WW2, take it away, scrap it do whatever. Big mistake, poorly judged.

This is WT at it’s very worst. Sack the fool who thought this was a good idea.


Pershing on 6.7 is his correct br?