Lying player counts

Why is this a thing?

You sieve through games to find one that isn’t a stupid everyone versus everyone match and find one with proper matchups with 10 players on one side and 7 on the other. NICE! Time to join the underdog side and try to balance things out aaaaaand where is everyone?

There were 10 people on the other team, I saw their names. Yet when I join there’s two, TWO.

Just update the player count in the lists.


I think this happens when the lobby splits.

The lobby you join is new…and any new players are funneled into that one. The old lobby just remains inaccessible for anyone.

I’ve had it happen where I’ll take a bathroom break, return to hangar but stay in the game…and then I load into a new lobby.

It’s a really dumb bug.

It is old issue that they probably wont be fixed since it seems like they dont care about sim battles at all. EC Ghost lobbies, reported and "fixed" Gajijn quality guaranteed