EC Ghost lobbies, reported and "fixed" Gajijn quality guaranteed


So theres this thing in enduring confrontation where the game creates 2 games for the same lobby and placing players in said lobby randomly in one or the other. I know what your thinking, yeah sounds super fun. But what if i told you that it isnt fun at all, its quite boring actually. I didnt even know this was a thing until last weekend, but this is why youll join a 10vs10 game only to bve greeted by a 1vs1 once you load in. its because the other 9vs9 players are in another bloody game.

I made a bug report for the issue and while writing i found an old one for the same issue. The old one was marked as “fixed”. I dont know if it was fixed for a while or they just ignored it. Anyhow, just wanted to share the link to my bug report so you can go and make it viral. Does anyhow actually know how the bug report site functions? Is it like instagram thats i have to get interactions on my bug report in order for it to be noticed? Go smash that like button!


I have not experienced this yet. Do you have a video of the problem happening?

You have i promise! When you find a game that says 10vs10 but when you join there isnt anyone in the game, thats a ghost lobby. They are in the game but on another instance. The screenshots in my report shows an example of it.

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Is that what happened to me here?


Yes this happens sometimes +1

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Confirm this happens, sometimes I play with other 4/5 friends (we made a clan so only same side obv): when we join a match sometimes some end up in the “backrooms”, aka a parallel match on the same map with few (if any) other unlucky players that wanted to join the original match.

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Yes exactly. You got moved from one instance to another. Ive had that happen to me a couple of times.

Do you mind if i add that clip to my bug report?


Go ahead (and use the video).

In the full video you can see I go back and looked for the replay but there is none of the the room I got yeeted from; just a new one from the new room which I didn’t play in so there’s no footage of me; and the previous game but no footage of me getting team killed at the end of the game and then getting yeeted into a new server.

Bumping this because my report still hasnt been seen by moderators. Please go interact with the post?

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yeah this happens a lot. I’ve even had it that there are more than 2 ghost lobbies. Finished one mission, got yeeted to the next, finished that and got yeeted again. Very frustrating

I really hope they fix this. It would make sim (and EC in general if they ever add it outside sim) a lot better to play.