Look what i came across in RB finally! More OG maps please!

Look what I came across in air rb again after many years.

I hope to see more of this OG, badass map.

Obviously I did the obligatory carrier landing :)


And using the appropriate camo scheme for the Norwegian Fjords.



I got this map with La-200 ended on 3? frags and a W, that was over a year ago though.

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I just got 3 kills,

Fighting at 6000m, 3 kills, landed on carrier, went back out, unfortunately lost due to DO335 circling his airfield despite not even engaging or leaving his airfield at all until the end of match and ran at 8000m until timer ran out.
A competent torpedo bomber or medium bomber would have won us the match by destroying enemy ships if we had one.

The nostalgia!



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Annoyed they removed south spawn airfield (from initial spawn).

Used to love starting there and shooting everyone in the butt.

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As Britain right?

I am also getting lots of 3 base maps this morning while flying the wellington which is very good.

Personally more likely Germany, Italy, France or Japan as they were my nations being spaded at the time.

But yes, always good to attack the South East as GB 🤣

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Just got Britain again for the second time this morn :)

Just got Sicily, albeit the very small variant.

Midway baby!

Proceeded to get fucked by aaa . . . . shit is potent.


I absolutely despised this map in the Spit Mk.II

I think you just have to kill the landing craft and survive.

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Survive? My man, all radiators go to 100% at the beginning of the match and I go to half throttle and I STILL overheat in 2 seconds

lol very true!

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omg good old Thunder League camouflage

I got soooooo much from that 1st Thunder League.
Multiple camo’s
Red Tiger camo for lots of vehicles around 6.7 -7.3
Profile icon
Tricolour smoke
Panther TV
So much more i cant remember.

You could gets Bf 109 E-7/U2 and P-51A iirc

oh yeah, got those also