Look me in the eye, and tell me that boosters do not affect the RNG, but truth is, they do affect

Replay here, where my aim9c horribly misses the easiest shot possible on a mig21 that wasn’t even chaffing, while i was flaring every few seconds (with mixed CM) to then get killed by an r3s that was totally ignoring the flares. I used a 500x rp booster i got on the warbond shop.


Single case is not proof of anything.


there’s not many 500x boosters around 🤷‍♂️

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Boosters will alter you scoring there in the Results window after the game, that’s it. If you have a near 50% winrate, which I think most players do, and your average relative position(how often you finish in the top 3) is anywhere close to 50%, then using a booster should reap you decent benefits half the time . . . 50%. No, you will not have a stellar game and get over-the-top mega uber scores each time you use a booster, but if you aren’t doing well in half the games you use a booster playing, it ain’t the game.
Now, that being said, there are things you can do to help your success rate using boosters. Don’t try to “Force it” may be the best advice I can think of, play your normal/regular game. Play line ups/modes/BRs that you know you have a good record with and can play well with consistently. Don’t win 5 games in a row and then pop a SL booster . . . odds of winning 6 in a row are going to be slim. Play smart . . I play pretty aggressively most of the time, and it can pay off, just not all the time . … dial it back a notch, but still play with confidence(just don’t get too cocky . . . lol). And I see you are playing high tier by your post. . . I wouldn’t recommend that for best booster efficiency.
I mean I don’t play up there anyway, but one of the main reasons is I don’t like relying on the high tech/modern weaponry . . . your example kinda shows why. And lastly, and I tell this to anyone playing the game, not specifically concerning the use of boosters. No Absolutes, no guarantees . . . try not to expect certain results ALL the time. Expectations are the mother of all disappointments . . . go with the flow, keep your composure. We have all been frustrated by the game at some point. Just don’t get angry . . . your IQ actually lowers when you get mad . . causing more mistakes . . snowball effect . . . be cool. Just say thanks and hope for better results next time. I always remind myself after a game with a booster that, it woulda been worse had I not had that booster running. . . . . good luck in the future . . .


huh? I’m talking about RNG. If four missiles miss clear shots that’s just bad rng, which happens usually when a large booster is applied. Missiles missing clear solutions doesn’t depend on the player’s performance, his mental status or skill ceiling. It’s RNG. Besides the fact that crusader is too reliant on missiles since it doesn’t have the engine power, speed or maneuverability to thrive as a dogfighter. It’s great at 1v1s, but things like the kfir canard, j35d, mig21smt are a lot better because they can simply just not engage, and even yet when the crusader has chance for 1v1, the fight is long because the plane actually handles like a boat. It’s an attacker pretending to be a fighter, and handles like such.

You’re trying to blame the use of boosters for your “bad luck”, it just isn’t so . … I merely added some “suggestions” that might help you get better results from their use, that’s all. That top tier missile clicky stuff is ripe for such things as you suggest just by it’s nature. I was just saying, shouldn’t be surprised when Skynet fails you is all . . . lol. But at any rate, you were trying to say that using boosters caused this, I do not think that is possible. Be honest, do you really think the Devs would take the time or go to trouble of adding code to the game that"NERF this players every action because you activated a booster!" . . . I just don’t see it . . . the “Booster Curse” is an urban legend/myth. And the more you talk about it, the more it just sounds like combat engagement issues and nothing to do with boosters at all . . . .

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booster curse for uptier downtier might be false, but idk what’s with the netcode, every time a booster activates (be any size or kind) it just does stuff. Much like wagers, assist wagers don’t usually make you frag enough to get an assist when you potshot everyone in an awe to get the kill assist later.

Pattern seeking brain fail



yes, and russian bias on ground (turms T pack spam) doesn’t exist.

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And what that has to do with current topic? XD
Buddy, take your meds


Looks you in eye:

Boosters do not effect RNG or anything.

lol, i’m just pointing out your blatancy.

You only pointed out that you don’t know the difference between coorelation and causation XD


I mean, I have games using boosters that I perform godlike in. I also have games where I am utter trash. The RNG is your ability not the game. That being said AIM9 missiles I have found (especially early versions) can be hit or miss.

When I activate a booster over 100%, I get uptiered 4 of 5 times. So yes, the game gets harder when using a booster.

meh its true unless your an arcade main who can afford to lose spawns then you just dont notice like Lechance

I’ve had great games with boosters activated and some bad.

I think you’re just more likely to notice the games spaghetti when you have boosters activated than you are without.

So I can look you in the eye and say Boosters don’t effect RNG, like the following:

A full uptier is statistically the most likely thing to happen when the game is capped at 4 +1.0BR vehicles per team and the rest is open slots for the MM to fill.

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Its not worse RNG. Its a mix of confirmation bias, and the fact you subconsciously change your play style and tryhard more without actually knowing it, which usually results in you playing worse.

Plus because you are more hyper aware, you are more likely to notice the weird little things that happen that you normally brush off or dont think about and they annoy you more.

If you pay attention to yourself enough when you have those boosters running you’ll probably see it.

Conversely, plenty of times Ive activated a large booster and the honestly completely forgotten about it. Played the game as normal, come back with a great game and suprised myself with a giant pile of rewards at the end.

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Its called confirmation bias. You had similar RNG issues in your last 20 battles too but you didnt paid attention because it was just regular battle. But when you activate 500% booster suddenly mosquito farting in your room is Gaijins plan to ruin your game…

If you really want to prove anything, make 50 battles with booster and 50 without. Then compare the RNG aspects in each game.

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Why did no one address the actual thing mentioned the performance of the aim9 vs the r3?
Can’t watch the Replay right now so someone has to Value if there is user error or bad luck involved

The aim9c isn’t a bad missile turn rate is Indeed bad 18g(which is better than the op zero skill freekill aim54 give r27ea/aim120)but it should have great range (for a aim9 that is)