Look me in the eye, and tell me that boosters do not affect the RNG, but truth is, they do affect

I could perhaps entertain the idea that boosters increase the chance of an uptier, or facing better players, or something along those lines, but there is no way they nerf your vehicle and make your missiles/guns miss more.

The more likely explanation is that activating a booster stresses you out a bit, and you make poor decisions trying to get work done to maximize the booster rewards, resulting in an early death. Then you remember those failures and attribute them to boosters - not your bad play.


i also have had great games, but sometimes the bad luck streaks are too big when a booster is activated. Like getting hits point blank with the best gun in the game, or missing all four head on doppler shots or your aim9l’s or r60s detonating because they dont track… idk.

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i strongly doubt this happens, i’ve met Coppen_ multiple times and i haven’t activated a booster, besides sometimes upon activation the queue time is instantaneus. It’s a way too complicated coding ethic to do, just lowering the rng’s high numbers is easier.

imagine thinking that a free to play game doesn’t have any mechanic that makes one be less able to exploit free grind buffs that would work as half premium account features.

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Look me in the eye, and tell me that boosters do not affect the RNG

Boosters do not affect the RNG.



Prove it

i don’t have the luck to get big boosters regularly enough to prove, sorry 😁

and premium bias ain’t real either, like easily notching or going cold against the f4j but still getting struck nonetheless across the canyon by the f-4s while you were notching its “Head on” doppler.

Perhaps you aren’t “notching” as well as you think.

Couldn’t possibly be a skill issue…

I remember at old forum some one prove statistically that when you use booster you have more often up tier. If I well remember it was sample of 100 games.

Ps. Missiles tracking different depending from ping and server latency.

you can’t notch doppler missiles up close before the radar misses the signal. Your only hope is the ground, and their detonation is so massive you still get hit. And the F-4J shares the same radar which is arguably useless, yet hiding behind the mountain doesnt work when your enemy is the f-4s.

Boosters only affect your brain rng, gotta learn to ignore it.


Came here to say I don’t give a flying crap what anyone says, 500% boosters are 500% cursed rage. Literally every time I have the stupidest deaths imaginable and inability to penetrate a piece of paper is on boosters. F right off.

Boosters do not affect MatchMaker. Please stop making things up.
Case closed.