Level 100 players on low BR

I like that they are level 100 but i don´t like that hey are running the fun four new players every match that my brother has played there where at least 3 our 4 level 100s 2 level 50 to 40 i think that is not fair considering that he is a new level 4 player

To research a new tree occasionally you must go back to the very bottom and start again, believe me, I know how frustrating it is to fight people who know all the spots, but this game doesn’t have skill based matchmaking. Generally I disaprove of seal-clubbing at low tiers.

My advice would be to try and see what other players are doing and mimic them, eventually you’ll find you start to improve, also watch youtubers so you can see where the strengths of your vehicles lie.

Good luck.


I’m 100lvl alone and somehow I’m not going to play top br, nothing will force me to do this crap, and die often after 20 seconds


yes, that is a Little unfair… but a good thing about this game is “skill doesnt matter” in quite a few instances. A new player can kill a veteran player, its just a matter of getting the sight on them and then pulling the trigger.

The advice to watch youtubers and simply learn the game is a good one. i have MapTacts segments on my channels where i show you good places to go on maps, but you/he can watch other YouTubers and simply increase your knowledge.

i play at lower tier because there is more engagement with the enemy. the seal clubbing and getting a high score is the added benefit.

but for real, i prefer CQC and smaller maps over driving for 10 minutes to the first point, just to die. why i stick to arcade ground alot of times. they have those smaller maps. but it makes me sad how quickly those matches are done. i once clocked a match won in only 6 minutes. the minimum a realistic match takes is about 10.

i despise high tier. you get sniped from a heli at 3km range, while your spaa cant even reach that far. the bullshit bounces on stuff like the merkava that has double layered armor, while in reality, they hardly even tank a shot. or the made up armor statistics of some vehicles, because their documents arnt public yet, but gaijin advertising themselves as being realistic, changing vehicle statistics with every new book that is thrown to their heads.

at lower tiers, people arnt as afraid as on the higher tier, because there is less to lose. you have more fun. that gaijin, after developing War Thunder for over 10 years still havnt come up with a better matchmaking system, is their fault. they want to add another abrams and F16, adding SL compensation because of bad economics, pleasing the general crowd, rather than fixing the actual inherent problems this game has, like the bad volumetrics of vehicles, server desync, and the currently bad map rotation system in place. and, a skill based matchmaking, where newer players would face other newer players. note, this still would not fix smurfing, and if a lvl 100 player finds no match at low br in any reasonable time, they would still be thrown in with the newbies.


Nobody started at Level 100 ,we all had to go through it.Some stick around some leave.

You will see many battles where the level 15 runs away with it and the level 100 dies early on.

Read up on the game and close the gap.Do things like carry on 20 rounds instead of a 100 ,stuff like that.Watch replays and see how those who got 10+ kills did it.You will soon be up there.


Did you tell them to look at the levels, or did they do that on thier own thought?

It’s a confirmation bias to be assuming that they didn’t have any on thier team, and that the team over all wasn’t too fixated on just rushing that they didn’t just feed them…

lvl in this game means nothing.


i dont see the issue, i personally like to spade my vehicles so i have to play low tiers at times.


Lvl is meaningless in this game, and for some people there are just far more fun vehicles at the lower Ranks and Brs. My fav plane is the Hs 129 B-2, i love the look, the playstyle and armarment, it sits at 2.3.
2.3 and 3.0 are just so cool Brs. You got the Pz IV F1, Stug III Ausf. A, StuH 42 G. Sd.Kfz. 6/2. Sd.Kfz. 222. Marder III. Panzer III Ausf. J and so on, all really cool and widely know and liked vehicles. Of course i and many other will play it no matter how long they have played allready, some like me just dont like modern vehicles or late war stuff.


The problem in general is, when you go into Mid High/ High BRs there are so much One Spawn Gamers. Especially when there are special event sales. Of course those gamers are going down.
We staying in high BR when those teams win with the lowest numbers of one spawners ??? It is a problem which is ignored fully and all discussions are closed about that one spawn behaviour.
Why is there no separate mode for one spawning =?=

one spawning (or more accurately one death leavers) are Not the issue… The issue is bad players and players doing nothing (since good players Can have bad games and essentially do nothing/very little helpful)

I sometimes leave after one death because i look at the match progression and my team and realize that its a losing battle, so im not going to waste my time and spawn in again, when i have No team, which happens Quite frequently… I consistently have MUCH fewer deaths and doing Much more (i usually have the most kills on the team… usually by at least 2 or 3)

So, again. i am going to leave if and when i realize that the players on my team have either left themselves (usually dying 2 to 4 times while maybe having 1 assist or… something else very insignificant), or if they are just sitting around doing nothing. 7 out of 10 games i play i am stuck with teammates who do absolutely nothing, and are bad teams.

When I play lower BRs I just shut off my brain & have fun with favorite vehicles.
If I do well then I hope they improve over a reckless player.


I love to smash 8 year old kids at Rank I and Rank II games. If we don’t waste them at every opportunity they will become poor players when they grow up. I especially enjoy driving into the enemy spawn and killing those spaa players who shoot into the air and miss the planes which are 10 miles away. Whenever I see an spaa shooting from spawn, I rush to the enemy spawn and destroy the spaa lol

One day they will learn, but until then we have to keep brutalising them. Low tier is also more fun. Rank III is pretty cool I often go between Rank III and Rank IV.

Level is not an indicator of skill at all, trust me. I’ve seen way to many lvl 100 paypigs play stupidly and then get completely smashed at the beginning of games, meanwhile I have lvl 50~ friends who I’d be scared to face off against


Gaijin is ruining toptier…so i have fun at lowtier and show a warmly welcome to the new players… It wasn’t my decision to increase respawn time of bases in AIRRB… it wasn’t my idea to decrease RP gain in hightier… so, i will not open my wallet to grind a techtree vehicle… instead i will have fun at low tier…

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There are some level 100’s who may of got there level via a differnt game mode, and there are seal clubbers, which you can learn from watching replays

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What’s a paypig?

I disagree with the youtube links. Sometimes youtube is helpful to get some info about the interface like how ammunition works. There is a lot to learn, but I find it best to hone your own strategies. Learn how to utilize the tank properly per its reload rate and speed etc. Tons to figure out on your own.

Top tier isn’t ruined at all…
Oh you’re a bomber rather than a PVPer.
RP gain is increased not decreased.