Let's talk challenge tasks

I’m about to unlock the Age of Discovery challenge. I have to play 5 games of each country rank 3 for 5 games each. The issue is that I don’t have rank 3 of every nation unlocked. That is going to be many hours of grinding. Can we talk about removing the rank requirement and doubling the number of matches for each?

How about we don’t double the requirement?


Maybe you find some advises from others there. Helped me.

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Well, that would be the compromise for removing the rank requirement bud. How would you fix the tasks?

Why does it need to be a compromise? Just make the task easier, why does it need to have an arbitrarily level of difficulty that we cannot remove one thing without adding something else?

The rank system is already complete bogus in the game with no logic or reason behind it an exists purely to manipulate progression and negatively affects gameplay, any and all rank restrictions should be lifted.

Remove the arbitrary rank restrictions and then just play 5 battles with each nation, which is bad enough as it is.

You can unlock rank 3 in one night, I don’t see how this is an issue

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Yeah, there are just some of these tasks/Challenges in this case, that handicap newer players, but this one also is going to hinder the good number of players that only play one or two nations, or just dislike a particular nation enough to never touch it . . . some by choice, some by circumstance . . . it is what it is.
The tier requirements and shuffling of some vehicles into tier II so they are no longer valid to do tasks is kind of a same . . . it would seem more “fair” to use a BR standard, but . . . they tried that for a very short period and then removed it . . I don’t know why or if an explanation was ever given.

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I also thought it was all countries, but it’s all but 2. I played Israel against my conscience and knocked it out of the way first. Then I realized it only required 8/10.

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That was my mistake too until @Dodo_Dud cleared that up for me. Thx again Dodo!
I used the Italian combat boat from the last BP to clear Italy.
I started Sweden and GB right before the BP and I’m through this too.
Japan was easy too because I was able to get the Yubari in the shop within the last BP.
Germany, US and Russia where no problem too. A bit ugly was Israel …
But if you just have one or two nations until now it is indeed a difficult task.

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Struggle all day to get 1/5 naval.
Realize I haven’t done the medium task yet. Check it out for tanks. It’s multi-strike in a win.
Get it while gaining tallies on Thunderbird. Sprint with AA vehicle to last available point as time winds down. Get a plane kill in last air battle and point caps as last tickets elapse gaining progress on volcano ground battles. hahaha
Man, I love tanks.

Talk all you like, but it is simply the case that everyone cannot complete all the tasks - that is expressly WHY they have limits.

Ain’t going to be changed.

Just saying that the difficult for each task in Volcano aren’t equal in the slightest. Air battles might be doable 95% of the time, but you only get the proper map to accomplish it 1/10 matches.
Likewise Naval is extremely difficult to accomplish and has some maps where it can’t be done.
Ground is extremely easy. Some maps you can cap the first point with team as you spawn in. Have an AA vehicle to kill a plane, and get a tank kill with a bomber or something. Super easy.

Capping a point in naval seems to be very hard to do unless team magically isn’t paying attention. Then becomes the task of getting boat kills to have enough points to then die to kill a plane. Then use a fighter to kill a plane before AA guns do which is extremely difficult. If you’re counting on killing a plane from a ship, this is going to require absurd luck on a map where you are able to cap a point. It’s just absurd.

Naval is easy enough using coastal at 2.3 - 3.3 - all those maps have cap points.

The only maps it can’t be done are the higher level ones with convoys or a single large cap point.

it is just the “Octopus” daily task x 10 - one that I am always happy to see.

But you miss the point - YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO GET EVERY CHALLENGE… except for a few players who have no life or are really good… so stop beating yourself up over 2-3-4 or however many you won’t get - it’s not going to do you any good.

I’ve already identified which ones I’ll never get - wont’ stop me getting all the BP vehicles tho - might stop me getting the title at level 150 - but I can live with that!!

Oh that’s a good tip. I’ve been mixing coastal and destroyers. And I’ve likely been getting uptiered against battleships.

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I’ve never really played battlepass and seemingly have the time to try it out, so I’m just seeing what it’s like with all the possible requirements to peak out.


You miss a basic point behind the way challenges are designed, take your example.

Your mentioning the grind involved for most is directly involved in the aforementioned design aspect. The average player would have to break out the credit card to speed up the process to meet the challenge deadlines.

It really is that simple when you break it all down to the bare basics.

Couldn’t get a cap nor a kill this naval battle lol
I don’t think a plane spawned.

Split second from a cap, died.
Got in a fighter, died
Last boat. Points do not change hands very often.
Whoever thought this challenge up is evil.

Between the crew voices every time a change in control or sighting occurs, there is constant alarms during battle. I don’t know how people play this crap. I have ptsd after playing too many naval matches (3 in a row). I hear the alarms ringing in my head after the match.