Let's talk challenge tasks

So we have tasks specifically designed for people to not complete them?

Tasks are designed so that people who do not have the required Tier 3 equipment cannot complete them - thought that was pretty obvious!

I have them, and it’s still taking me multiple days to do the challenges.
I imagine you’re supposed to do the ones without time limits sort of without trying. Playing the game modes enough while hunting special tasks or daily tasks should knock them over. It’s just too much gaming either way.

Er… yes… and why would it be otherwise??

I’ve been doing the nation tree’s for this particular mission and having rank 3 in every nation is useful. It’s not as hard as I thought it was going to be, but still boring and a bit time consuming.

Right, so it’s designed to intentionally exclude people, sounds like fun.

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Have you ever considered to reduce the volume or turn it off? What do you do when your winter coat gets too hot? Right, complain in a forum!

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Options - Sound - Turn that fashizzle down!! . . . . yeah, there is a good deal of “sound” options there and many of them are just distractions to me. I don’t even wear my headset the majority of the time I play, because I am usually in a plane and I have gotten used to playing air is silence for several years back. I do wear them to tank and do naval(big ship guns have the most awesome sound firing off) but some of that stuff still gets on mu nerves. The “fire alarm” in naval is better now(still can be annoying), but not long ago that literally drove me crazy . . it just never stopped!! . . . lol. But yeah, you can get used to most of it, but if annoys you, distracts you or makes you wanna throw your headset across the room . . . turn it down. And playing without sound is also an option, for some parts of the game or for a short time as a break at least. Just some “options” I have used in the past, as it seems I have had similar issues as you are talking about . . . I hope you can get it sorted, because that stuff can get you tilited pretty fast if you let it . . .
Good Luck!

Yeah that could very well happen in the not too distant future, but I’m stunned by the absurd default settings.

There’s only 5x requirement, but it’s often RNG for the map. In tanks, you have a 100% chance to get it done every time you queue. It only becomes extra difficult on maps where there are only 1 or 2 capture points. Air is like 1/10 domination matches, and naval is 50/50. They could have tweaked Air to be kill a tank/boat, plane, and kill or cap a base, so you could complete it in ground strike which is 70% of the matches. Naval, I don’t know, but you have to play perfectly to get a point either in a coastal, then die, then get a kill in a ship if you don’t have enough points, to get a plane to kill a plane. Otherwise you’re depending on absurd luck of an aircraft coming into range of your guns.

The only way I can see this being tolerable is if you have a lot of special tasks stacked up, and you work on them on specific battles. So if you’re working for Volcano Air, you get an air special task or 3. Likewise Naval. But mine is stuck on a tank one right now, and I don’t feel like changing it. I think it would just be too much stuff to try to focus on while attempting to thread the needle.

Well yeah - it’s right there in the conditions - same as daily tasks - why is this at all noteworthy??

So uh… for Thunderbird, killing targets with Strike Aircraft in Ground or naval…
It’s either not counting my kills, or I’m not always getting a “strike” aircraft when I press 8 for the 2 point strike aircraft. In other words, I think it’s randomly giving me a fighter with rockets or bombs instead of a strike plane. For example it might be giving me an La-SFN instead of an IL-2m. Technically using rockets or bombs but not technically using a plane labeled “Strike aircraft.”