BattlePass tasks way too much grind?

The BattlePass tasks seem to evolve to even more grind for me.
Best example is the task “Age of Discovery” where you should play 5 battles with each nation BUT at least rank 3! We are talking about 10 nations …
I played almost 4000 battles with a premium account and I only got 3 nations to rank 3. So I can’t complete this task because I don’t want to dedicate the next three month to a grind for such tasks.
The thing is … if I pay for a BP I think the tasks should be fair enough to complete them also on lower ranks. It would be also ok that I get less progress on the tasks. For example that I have to complete 20 battles at rank 1, 10 on rank 2 or something like this.
Why excluding players from progress because they have not that much time? Fair?
What is your opinion and perception on these tasks?

I just want to add that I would appreciate if everyone who participates in this discussion could respect the perception and opinion of other players. They can be different. It’s the same with cheesecake not everybody likes it but why should those who likes it stop eating it ;-)


In the last bp i wasn’t able to complete 4 challenges since these 4 were about Navel or have some Navel tasks in them but i was still able to reach lvl 51 you only need to complete daily tasks, finish the changes that you can do and finish somen ez special tasks in the last bp i was able to finsh 7 of them that’s all you need.


If you don’t want to pay for the next BP you gotta reach for lvl 125. And there the fun begins. I know it’s tradeoff my time for a “free” BP. Even without the extra 30 points for 3 levels it is doable.
But I want a chance to finish the tasks.

If you consider that the BP challenges are aimed to:

a) encourage players to play more
b) encourage players to play more recklessly in order to complete them
c) encourage players to play more Nations/TTs/Air-Ground-Naval modes
d) encourage players to spend real money to have a chance to complete them

…you might realize that they are well designed to fulfill these goals.

As stated by the fellow player above - getting to level 50 is quite ez if you focus on the 2 daily tasks, the log in bonus, BP challenges you are confident to achieve and ofc the special tasks which give you 5 points each.

Regarding naval tasks - imho simply added to lure tankers and pilots to this naval stuff. And aimed to force the player type “completionist” to play naval, not more, not less.


Tbh, if you ignore the pass, the events and all, the game is way more relaxing. Try it.


These goals you mentioned are sad but true. Sometimes it is not easy to handle the truth …


I fear my fomo is too high to pass by ^^ I see those daily tasks more like a “happens anyway sooner or later”. But those tasks now are out of my comfort zone I fear.

I haven’t played the BP since the first one, since they they’re just too demanding, requiring constant playtime, constantly using specific vehicles, aiming for specific targets in specific nations, constantly forced to play naval and modes I dislike or challenges that are tedious or RNG.

It’s a shame there’s dozens upon dozens of vehicles that will forever be unattainable, and since they’ve also tied the BP to it that’s even more things to miss out on.

On the bright side this endless BP grind, paired with the event grind and just constantly missing out on things if you don’t play this game like a job makes me feel more and more disconnected from the game, feeling more and more behind and at this rate will just uninstall the game at some point.


I mostly follow Dodo’s advice, and ignored them. I bought and went through the last battlepass only because it had a German vehicle at 6.7, my most played BR in the game, which meant I could actually use it. Otherwise, all vehicles I end up getting through it are vehicles I’ll sell one day, so I don’t stress about it.

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Basically what I am doing ever since the events changed from “kill 10 enemies in one battle or win 20 games” to “grind endlessly for these crates and play a lottery game where the outcome is not even secure or play all nations x times within z amount of time”. I grinded the german tech tree in my Jagspanzer IV down to the Leopard 2. I only wish I had learned about the JP4 earlier, because it was even more awesome back then.

To come back to the topic:
I don’t know how one is expected to finish any of the tasks. I only know that this could explain the bad team play ever since this crap started and spawn costs where halfed.

That said, I love low tier jets and I would love to get this one. Nothing can touch a jet at this BR. And this one gets some crazy loadout. I am glad I stopped playing at that BR. This thing is going to make it even less playable.


Oldie SE,

Thank you for this post. I was about to inquire to the community as to whether or not the BP is worth it. Based on the replies, it appears that it’s something I might consider in the future but isn’t worthwhile at this time.

-Nighthawk P


That’s all I do anymore, are the BP Daily & Special tasks. Gives me some small, not overly time consuming or difficult tasks(you have to learn which ones suit you & your style of play tho, that takes some big brain time) and the Challenges are pretty basic for the most part. And yes they are designed so player have to attempt to play all 3 vehicle types at some point. I have made it to lvl 150 or higher in all but the last 3 BP seasons . . just playing daily. Now, I have to admit, I am retired, can play whenever I want for as long as I want, but . . . it is still easier than trying to force myself to “grind” a specific vehicle(just . . . one . . . more . . . game) and that pressure is not missed by me. I do not specifically “grind” anything any more, just do BP tasks/Challenges. And I find it to be fairly balanced, as far as time to do it goes. But then again, I again admit to having a pretty good way to work it myself.
Of ALL the BP’s, I only managed to get all the Challenges done in the very first season, but I have still managed to get well past lvl 125 every season also. But there really is a lot of good stuff to be had in each BP, I highly recommend it . . if you have the time to play regularly . . . it’s way better than grinding any event . . . . lol.
Good Luck


In case your “tasks” are actually the presented “BP challenges” i am not sure what your point is. Seeing your number of games i am sure that you can fulfill the BP tasks as long as they are achievable within your preferred vehicles and game mode. Most of them are just war of attrition results.

I admit that if a player is limited to planes only (like me) all tasks which require tanks or ships are out of reach. But with some experience you can fulfill challenges tailored for CAS pilots playing Ground RB (kill x players with bombs / rockets of various sizes / weights) even in Air RB.

I killed over the years a hell of guys with bombs on forward or main airfields - as due to this respawning bases nonsense nobody expects to get bombed if the airfield is not available/marked as target.

If you refer to daily tasks - they are imho pretty easy as long as you have the “right” vehicles in your portfolio and you willing to invest some SLs in order to skip daily tasks which are more difficult during this grinding madness.


Hard agree, these BATTLE PASS challenges are so complex, convoluted, grindy, and just extravagantly annoying! Why would anyone do them? To get what? A copy-pasta trash vehicle in a race you don’t play?
Brilliant work sales dept.
Naval - NEVER
Kill 30 heavies using lights - Ummm that is hard at many tiers
Kill 30 people with less than 120kg bombs in REAL GROUND - OMG look at that for a second and really think about it. You need to pick a plane, but VERY CERTAIN TINY bomb on it, go into REAL GROUND at the same BR as the plane, then GET plane, then bomb… 30 times… Yeah I have been an Aircraft Fighter Pilot for 20 years… Why on Earth do I need tanks and boats? garbage.


Thx for the advice on my wrong translation here … my game is set to german. Indeed I meant the challenges.
Thx for sharing your thoughts. I agree with you. Maybe I’m a bit spoiled because in the last BP I was able to complete all challenges and even was able to got to lvl 162.
As I mentioned above I got a bit fomo. I love challenges and I want to take them even if this means I fail. Failing belongs to the progress. In this case it kinda feels like I don’t have the chance to even try it.
But my mind is running wild on how I can do this and now this is my new challenge. Getting there without stress on a smart way.


Do we have a current cost analysis of the battle pass?
How much would it be to buy the Strikemaster if you do your login and some such? I had made several computations like that in the old forum, but things have changed since.

I would like that plane but I am not willing to lose my sanity for it.

edit: I get 25 levels for login. That is a third of the plane.

I get 18 levels from just doing the T2 task.

That gets us to level 43. I haven’t touched anything challenging yet.

Say we pay for 15 levels when buying the pass. Now it is LVL 58. 17 levels short.

If we fail to get ANYTHING else done at all, it would cost an extra 2475 GE for the whole thing. So for (at most) 5000 GE, you get the Strikemaster, a premium from the shop, two more premiums and a whole load of fluff.
Where I live, you have to flip burgers for under 3 hours to get it.

So yes, the pass is too grindy here if you can flip burgers at minimal wage instead.

Edit²: Please check my numbers. Maybe I was too euphoric.

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If you don’t want to do them then don’t do them.

If you do want to do them or want to get to a high BP level then do do them.

WTF is the problem??

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The Strikemaster is indeed something still unique. It is not another P-51 Z with a beer can holder for the swedes. So it isn’t as easy to ignore for some. In case I get it, I would actually want to keep it. Which makes the pass much shorter… :-)

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My current problem is that I don’t have a rank 3 plane/tank/naval in every nation for that specific challenge I mentioned. I put my focus first on GER went to US and now RU while doing some matches on GB and J.
My suggestion is to give everyone access to those challenges. Because some invested money but just started the game. How? Give every rank a chance to participate.
For example if you need 5 battles on rank 3 then It would be ok for me to do 10-20 on rank 2 and 20-40 on rank 1 for the same challenge. Fair or?

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