Lets talk about the state of Germany

I also participated (at the end indicated). Gun (modified) planned for installation

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Theyed never add something like that. At least not in the tech tree.

Since this was their opinion on the maus:

In game the Maus is really the natural equivalent of other rare vehicles like the IS-7 and E-100. Large numbers of these machines should never really be present and the role that they play is very limited.

As such, with Update 1.91 the Maus will become a rare event collectable vehicle. Being hidden from standard research and will now only be obtainable in future events and other opportunities later in the future.

Quite frankly, if they model it correctly, they can. We have Tutels in the tech tree, for starters. Second, a correctly modelled E-100 would both be more practical to use than the Maus, and overall easier to kill for enemies. And third, the flat turret face would be much more reliable to shoot at, compared to the curved mantlet of the Maus V1 turret.

Turret side of the intended E-100 turret was also quite thin.

The 128mm PAK (or KwK version) is already in game for the Jagdtiger, and while competitive, it isn’t broken.

I think it would be much less complicated than the Maus to implement.

Its not about ease of implementation or its abilities but gaijins ideology. Its clear they felt allowing players free regular acces to the maus was a bad idea because it shouldve been an event vehicle.

I see no reason why theyd add the other verson of the e100 considering their (partially completed vehicle) policy is only for ships and the coelian fits that description as well.

At least in the tech tree. At most i could see it being in an is7, ob268 style crafting event where console players will have zero access to it after the events conclusion.

And we have the Ostwind II in the tech tree.

I honestly wouldn’t lose sleep over Gaijin’s rules. They do what they think suits their particular objective at a particular time, and justify it afterwards.

If they felt that a particular superheavy would be closer to the T95 than the IS7 in balance terms, then they’d just plop it in the tree, and leave the social media copywriting to the relevant people that do this for them.

Cant fact check you on that myself. But weve known for a long time that tiger 1s are overperforming in war thunder. As they had rpm limiters to 2500rpm. Meaning irl theyed be much slower at accelerating.

And then youve got some aircraft with their overloaded bomb loads and some with G limiters removed.

He’s right, 68km/h is the rated speed, 72km/h is the maximum speed. It’s already been reported and it’s up to the developers to decide which speed to use.

Thats good news i guess. Hopefully all tanks rpm and speed limiters get removed. Same with giving all planes overloaded weight bomb loads, and removing all g limiters.

I feel WT should capitalize on the fact transmissions dont break in game.

Would you consider including the ability to toggle engine limiters? For a game where your tank lives for 30min at most, I don’t think engine longevity would be a primary concern.

Adds +4km/h
THE SPEED OF IT! The commander on top XD


What happened to the proximity shells on the Begleitpanzer? Why were they removed?


No modern aircraft in game have them. But iirc the yar 2s or something like that have overloaded bomb loads. Giving them like negative climb rates. And lets be honest here the he111 h16 isnt exactly flight worthy with the max strapped to it.

Tried buffing german bombs but i failed, 5 months of waiting all go waste


TrickZZter moment


Its really quite a mystery as to who is flagging our posts. I wonder who it could possibly be. I see no reason why the community would feel offended by us calling gaijin out. And surely they wouldnt be this intent on running defense for one guy.


The posts are being taken down by the staff. They’re at least straightforward about that.
Although it means we can’t just edit them to be brought back, they have to be manually approved.

Kind of sad to be honest.

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Somebody, who didn’t want cooperation of players

The staff is untouchable, even if we get a petition

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Overall it’s impossible to do anything about ‘him’, unlike tech mods/advisors, ‘he’ is an official gaijin employee so ‘he’s’ untouchable.

Yes, i’m paroding the Harry Potter’s “do not name him” trope.