German bombs SC50 to SC1800 filling

Unfortunate to hear, but thanks either way!

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Welcome, happy to help

@MythicPi Well i tried anyway i wasted 5-8 months of my life for nothing

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When they can’t handle the truth they go denial mode XD


Problem is even if you give them the evidence they want they will still tell you no or tell you they need more evidence i mean look at this

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it happens.
ive lost the drive to put my own suggestions up. they can regret it later when nobody suggests anything interesting


Same i gave up, i am more sad about ppl like TT33 and Ghostmaxi they put alot of effort in thier post and even when thier post pass to suggestions it’s still along way to be up for developers consideration


barely one of them gets passed to the devs per 2 months.
its a pain.

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Classic TrickZZter 😂

Well, but he’s right. It literally says “Bombs with Trialen are only to be used against ships”.

So just because they could have a more powerfull explosive, doesn’t mean that most bombs did.

Not really they where preferred to be used against ships since they cause more violent explosion and cause stronger shock waves which where prefect against ships but that doesn’t mean they where never used against ground targets plus bombs like SC2500 use Trialen-105 as filling but that doesn’t mean it was only to be used against ships plus sores referred that bombs with Trialen-105 was used against ground targets especially factories and others big targets inflicting greater results than their Amatol and Fp60/40 counter parts.

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Theres also just the fact that by not giving us the option to use this filling on bombs that did use it, gaijin is preventing us from using the bombs that WOULD be mostly used against ships against ships…

Well that’s the dev decision i can’t do anything about it plus regardless of how huge of a buff it is to all of German bombs ppl just seems to not care so without numbers we can’t do alot about it

Still, it was the intended purpose and Fp 60/40 and Amatol filling would have been the most common.
Doesn’t make much sense to buff every German bomb, replacing it with a bomb filling that was not the norm.

Maybe it could be added seperately as ordanace for sea targets :)

I can’t believe it’s has been a year since i opened the bug reports

I’d like to see bombs with such filling as optional modifications, no different than how many AP bombs are being added for use in Naval these days, or the proliferation of US 1000lb naval mine bombs which have double the explosive of normal 1000lb bombs.

If America is allowed to have those, no reason why Germany can’t. Most of their planes have smaller bombloads than American or British ones, anyways.

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AP are the most useless addition to this game imo it should be removed they serve no purposes specially since normal conventional bombs are actually working just fine against naval targets on the other hand things like US Type A Mark I or German Fritz-X are actually unique and kinda fun to use.

The problem is it’s not a new type of bombs they are just regular SC bombs (general purposes bombs) the only difference is the filling nothing much so it’s more like a puff to the bombs buy changing the filling no need to add new type of bombs.

Yet for ingame purposes I could see the game classifying them as a “separate” type of bombs not unlike the naval mines are. Just because grind, not common sense.

Regardless of the how, such bombs should be available.

Well it up to dev in the end if they want to add them or not i already tried with the bug reports hoping to change the filling to the much stronger Trialen 105 but as you saw it failed

I personally would since most of Germany’s planes have smaller payloads than their counterparts.