Lets talk about the state of Germany

The sad part is all this effort and waiting gone waste, but at least i put the information on the forum so this didn’t go on waste, this is the topic if anyone want to read:

Kinda lost hope, but i still have on bug report that might change something

Unfortunately i can’t fit all the information about it in the bug reports so i made a dedicated post about the topic here:

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Then we just need to buy war thunder. Everyone has a price.

A price that sure no war thunder player can meet, but thats our only real option for change.

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Imagine someone filthy rich reading this, and then proceeds buying the game just to get rid of that guy.

Where’s a financially irresponsible billionaire when you need one…


Gaijin likely makes around 20 million a year, and iirc buyouts of companies that arent doing as well as gaijins war thunder is are usually 5 times the yearly revenue as a starting bid.

So at minimum were talking at least 100 million, but since gaijin is doing well and war thunder is their money maker we’d be looking more towards 250-300 million minimum.

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Even if it cost a billion, it’s time for us Players to drain this swamp.

Getting mad over a document that says OR Trialen being taken literally is silly.
The document gives Gaijin the right to choose which chemical to use due to the language it used.

And getting mad that they chose what they chose is just silly, cause it’s in-line with the documents supplied.

nearly all things in war thunder are added in their best state. These should include german bombs aswell with trialen explosive.
They could at least add these better bombs for late war planes to give Germany other options instead of only cannon cas

No, we have modern bombs still using TNT in War Thunder in France & China even tho it’s been proven they use modern compounds.
Me-410 has 2x 500kg bombs in a bomb bay.
Do217 has 4x 1000kg bombs.
There’s more than just Do-335.

Someone should make an false bug report on the FAB 5000’s bomb composition being incorrect or having too small of an explosive yield. I’d like to see how quickly (((they))) “fix” that.

They’d deny it because there’s no evidence at this time.
Gaijin only works on evidence, which is why 2S38 still has the incorrect feeding mechanism.

Like when the Bulldog’s turret traverse got nerfed even though the source was talking about a different model? lol

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One is a heavy fighter and the other one is a bomber. Both are not meta. Planes like P47s are meta. The fw190 G8 would be similar with 1x 500kg and 2x250kg bombs but it isn’t ingame

P-47s aren’t meta.
Me-410 carries the same amount of ~500kg bombs as P-47 while being more nimble & having better guns.

better engines Do-217s i would say are pretty hidden meta people just dont use them since they are weird br and not really interesting. They aren’t 5.3br Tu-2S 3x1000kg level good but 4x1000kg in grb with bomb sight is pretty nice. Not the brickiest planes either probably do better in that role than getting demolished in air rb unless u play them carefully. 2 bombs not in bomb bay like on Tu-2S also helps with dropping a lot.

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What? I know the p47s have a pretty bad turn time but it’s still miles better than me410s + more energy in general. And P47s are meta. It’s one of the best premium cas in the russian tree

True but bombs are one of the game mechanics and Trialen 105 is 60% stronger than Amatol and Fp60/40 this is 60% different in performance and it’s not a small percentage

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I hear ya and understand.
France and China are still using TNT on their modern bombs.
Britain was using TNT until Gaijin finally found the chemical that they used a year or so ago.

but britain gets the funny bomb

it took us a while to use gun powder in our guns too