Lets talk about the state of Germany

well id like to have the swiss f18 in warthunder for germany


Rubbing salt into an open wound


Would be a cool event plane, but we have F-4F ICE inbound that’ll have AMRAAMs.

They know what they are doing. They KNOW!


I wanted to post this aswell with the same saying. XD

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Welcome to the british experiance, prepare to get copy paste filler, and then see better versions of your stuff in other trees

I agree about the filler and useless additions but except a few tanks and planes (swiss hunter and co) I can’t remeber which other nations has many british vehicles.

And continue doing it…


Its a rather long list, made worse by the fact Gaijin for some reason became obsessed with adding SA vehicles for the last 3 or so years, so if you remove the copy paste challys we have only had i belive its 4 native british tanks in that time window.

The SA tree debacle is likely how Italy is going to go for the next year or too if precident is anything, so sucks to be those guys.

Yeah I think they should get their cold war light tanks, but you can’t call things like the canadian leo or australian abrams stolen because both nations are no subtrees.

Maybe gaijin will add a south african air line in the future aswell. They could use it

The mexas is a bit different, but when it comes to the abrams literally every other aussie vehicle is in the brit tree, including sevral in the actual main tree from basic launch

also i expect the next mess to be gaijin adding the Gnat to sweden and just forget to give it to britian, even though its been requested since literally 2017

You could say that about swiss vehicles aswell, because they use/used leos, hetzer, bf109 and co.

Either the Abrams is in the wrong tree and the swiss hunter is in the right tree or the swiss hunter is in the wrong tree and the abrams in the right tree.


not really, australia has been part of the british tree since britian was added to the game, i dont mean that by british vehicles used by australians, i mean flat out made in australia to their own design vehicles, like the bea and the boomerangs. ground is the same

Yeah unique commonwealth vehicles like the skink and ram should go to britain but I would like to avoid c&p just because they bought it

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we will get copy paste regardless, the only good thing about ther bish is it soaked the spot for something actually interesting like the chally falcon.

i expect Italy to be soviet copy pastes for while now, as they are about to get the low effort SA experiance

yea and the jump form 8.0 to 8.3 might seem small but its actually massive because thats when you start getting uptierd HARD to other mbts with superiour APFSDS, armour, thermals, mobility etc…

guys i think the reason gaijin is misstreating germany is because it has ALOT of players and alot of these players got almost the full TT so when gaijin adds more stuff to germany is does not make them a good amount of money.
so what they do is do stuff like giving italy the KF41 first (NOTE i mainly play Germany then a bit of USSR).
so giving the KF41 to italy is a smart good move for there gain because it forces players to play a TT other than germany witch makes them money so in my view its a good thing for them to add it to italy from there benefit as a company witch they have the full right todo so.

now alot of other german mains are crying about this and i get yall i AM a german main and it makes sence and its bad for us germany players with the bs like the F4F, MIG21bis, MIG23mla, MIG29(9-12) situation (im also extremely pissed that the ONLY german MIG29 is not getting its proper loadout (R-73 + R-27)) and no the MIG29g is not a new varrient it only has diffrent NATO radar and iff and other minour stuff that wont affect gameplay or flight performance.
i reached a max br of 10.3 in tanks because i dont care about the fuck fest called top tier tanks so i dont get to talk about the Leo2-PSO situation because i simply dont care.

so in conclution yes germany is being misstreated and i think the reason is because treating it well will not make gaijin money.


MiG-29G doesn’t have a different radar, just a diffrent IFF module, added GPS and a repainted cockpit with English signs


Germany is treated well. 3 11.7 MBTs, a meta CAS, a meta helicopter, a great 12.0 fighter…
On top of that F-4F ICE is coming, an armored Leopard 2 is coming.
Also KF-41 is a worse PUMA…

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