Vehicles currently in game that are not in the British tech tree

Hi guys with the recent controversy regarding the game, i thought now would be a good time to mention the Tanks currently in game along with a few features that are missing from the british tech tree for some unspecified reason. To no ones surprise its quite a long list, that i hope to break down with small snippets of evidence to justify each ones addition to the game. Firstly i will cover the shermans and other export tanks, which saw extensive service in the british army during the second world war or were designed purely with the intents to be used for lend lease

To begin with i will cover the shermans, but only those extensivly used by the united kingdom, as a few strays used for testing are in my opinion not suitible for addition. The ones that qualify for this criteria are as follows:

Sherman I (M4 (75 mm)) - the definitive sherman, of the 6,748 manufactured 2,096 were sent to the United Kingdom through lend lease

Sherman III (M4A2 (75 mm)) - of the 7,499 manufactured 5,041 were sent to the united kingdom.

Sherman V (M4A4) - Sherman tank specifically designed for lend lease, of the 7,499 manufactured 7,167 were sent to the United Kingdom, where they formed a back bone of tank divisions.

Sherman IIA (M4A1 76): British had over 1,000 of these delivered.

Sherman I Hybrid (M4 Composite): I don’t know numbers for this one, likely the numbers are included in the 2,000 odd Sherman I’s the British received. This vehicle can be found in-game as an Italian premium.

  • Sherman IC Hybrid: This is the 5.0 Firefly in the Italian tree, unique in the fact it has the M4 Composite hull. Is a British vehicle that’s not present in the British tree and could be used to add the apds round to a british sherman firefly without having to change the br of the two already present in the tech tree.

After the shermans there is a wide range of other american lend lease vehicles that could be implimented into the british tech tree without much hassle, they are as follows:

Locust I (M22)- began development in late 1941 in response to a request by the British military earlier in the year for an airmobile light tank which could be transported onto a battlefield by glider as a replacement for the Tetrach. An initial order of 500 was requested of which 260 were delivered. The British used the tank in combat, and also made additional modifications to the vehicles improving performance which included a Littlejohn adaptor at the end of the Barrel and 2in Smoke-Bomb launchers on the turret.

Stuart V (M3A3 ) - Designed specifically for export and lend lease, of the 3,427 produced Britian was the largest recipient (over 1200), followed by china(1000) and then france (226)

Stuart VI (M5a1 stuart) - of the 6,810 produced 1131 were sent to the united kingdom where they were used extensivly

Chaffee I (M24) - the only significant reciepient of the tank for lendlease, of an order of 860, around 400 were delivered, and it was used by recce units during the closing stages of the war in europe

Greyhound (M8) - British are the reason it is refered to as the grey hound, 496 provided through lend lease

3inch Self-propelled Mount M10 MkI/MkII (M10) - 1,648 M10s were supplied by the United States to the British Army via the Lend-Lease program, of which 1,017 of the vehicles were up-gunned with the powerful 17-pounder (76.2mm) gun from May 1944 to April 1945.

M3 GMC: over 150 were supplied to the British and used in North Africa.

-M3 Lee: intermixed with the grants supplied to the united kingdom.

Boarhound (t18e2) - In July 1941, the United States Army Ordnance Corps issued specifications for a heavy armored car (along with another specification for a medium armored car, which resulted in the T17 Deerhound and T17E1 Staghound) to be built for supply to the British. Around 30 manufactured, with atleast two being sent to britian before its poor IRL performance lead to the cancellation of the massive order that had been placed by the uk home office. According to some sources the manufacured units were deployed to north africa later in the war to serve as airfield defence.

t14 heavy tank - Added for completions sake, but joint project between the United States and the United Kingdom with the goal being to produce a universal infantry tank. 2 manufactured, but going by the normal rule in game for joint projects it should be in both tech trees, so i am mentioning it for completions sake.

South african vehicles:

Class 3 (P) - added to the german tree previously due to the german engineering firms assitance in manufacturing it locally It is currently the only south african vehicle not in the british tech tree, and should really have been added to the uk tree initially, as the south african tree dropped the patch immediatly following the event. They simply chose to add it to germany as it would make them more money due to germany being one of the big three.

Canadian vehicles:

Ram 2 - controversial when added to the US tech tree when the uk was gagging for premiums at the BR. Initially designed to bolster UK tank production during the early stages of the second world war, the vast majority of the tanks were aquired by the british home office by the end of the war either for training purposes, or to be modified into other classes of vehicle (kangarros, wasps and so forth). In addition to this the tank added to the us tech tree was never tested or used by them,

Leopard C2A1 MEXAS - Mentioned for completions sake, as Gaijin has consitantly added canadian tanks to the british tech tree in recent years with the intents of making it a common wealth tree, the addition of indian tanks this coming update further confirming this. They simply chose to add it to germany as it would make them more money, like the Class 3 (p). The argument that this is a chassis of german origin doesnt hold water though, as we literally got a m113 adats from canda a year or so ago, so it clearly carries over to modern vehicles.

Australian vehicles:

Tank, Combat, Full Tracked, 120-mm Gun M1A1, AIM - all other australian vehicles are present in the uk tech tree, including planes, ships and tanks. again Gaijin being inconsistant with the addition of vehicles when its convenient, as the argument for this being added to the usa breaks the momment you see they are planning on adding a t-90 to the brit tree.

Missing features-

APDS for the sherman firefly- the italian one has apds the british doesnt for some reason

As an additional caveat, i might as well add the aircraft here as there are only two and i dont feel like that justifies a second post:

Meteor NF Mk.13 - The british suggestions section has been asking for a night fighter meteor for literal years, and then when israel got one, we were told we might get it. The british operated all 40 of the aircraft from their airfields in Malta, later selling them to several nations, israel being one of them (6 planes). this is no different than the F-84g, we should have gotten this plane by now.

Hunter F.58 - this can of worms has its own forum thread

I belive that is everything, feel free to correct me if i have missed something, but what are your guys thoughts on the matter?


As a Brit main myself, we really don’t need all the low-tier American vehicles. Having the Canadian and Australian ones might be nice, but I don’t have much of a problem with, say, the M1A1 AIM going to the US.

What I do want to see is the Class 3(P) going to Britain/SA. This particular vehicle also makes me worried that if they ever add the Rooikat prototypes (Class 1 RSA/“Cheetah”) that they’ll give it Germany as an event, as they were (heavily) inspired by the German TH400, instead of giving it to SA/the UK.

Not having APDS for the firefly is fine, it does well as it is, and otherwise would move to 5.0 where there are no other vehicles. 4.7 is a good lineup, let’s keep it that way.


There are some low-level american tanks that should definitely be in the British tech tree, the sherman I and V, and the start V are the biggest examples, with the British operating over 90% of the 7000 or so of the V made, along with a third of the sherman m4a1 and stuarts produced.

regarding the firefly the easiest solution is to add the composite with apds.

in regards to teh class 3 (p) i still have no idea why the germans got it

Honestly I think that there should be more focus on Cold-War and Post-Cold War era options for the British armour trees. Something to fill in the gaps, or at least a better Warrior would be nice too. Would give Britain a chance when competing with vehicles in 9.0+ with autocannons. Or even something like the Scorpion would be a fun little runabout too.

The lack of british light tanks and ifvs is another issue entirely, but the two are not mutualy exclusive. we can get both our missing kit and new stuff at the same time, seeing as the 3d work for these is already done.

think its a nicely laid out list here, regardless if its needed, if gaijin want to be consistent from now on regarding new vehicles being added into related trees then I do feel they need to be looked at retroactively as we have seen others in the past move from faction to faction in the past so its not like its a new idea. i do feel that stuff like this is on the back burner as its not something that can easily make money back on through new subs or selling items this stuff always gets forgotten

The weird thing is some of these could be easy money makers, like the ram 2 or boar hound that i know for a fact many members of the community would buy without question. The addition of a sherman 1 or v also would farm a decent number of talismans, as they would both be solid options to plop one on for some casual and cheap low tier grinding.

The addition of stuff retroactivly is rather random, but examples can be easily seen, such as the early stuarts for the brits, or the blob of us and axis tanks for italy. Its a small effort to do, but it would be greatly appreciated and would be a good way to add additional meat to a patch, which otherwise might be lacking for the british like this one for example where our only tank was an overpriced vickers mk1 with worse ammo, which i cannot see any reasonable person buying when for a pittance more they can get the Khalid and arguably the worst 2 pounder armoured car the brits field in the second world war over a good ten better vehicles just because its south African.

We are also missing the C2A1 for the British Tree (Canadian), as even on the Canadian Armed Forces Day decal it shows the C2A1.

aye i mentioned it here

Compared to Leopard c2a1, I think it would be much better to let the British top room get the Canadian Leopard 2a6m

As an Australian I find it deeply sad that the M1A1 AIM is in the USA tree. ALL vehicles representing Australian forces should be in the Great Britain tree, period. If (hopefully when) other Australian vehicles get added like the Boxer CRV Block 2, AS21 Redback, ARH Tiger etc. I want to be able to play them in the same lineups. For the only players this matters to, it should be all in the Great Britain tree to keep it together. It doesn’t matter which trees “need” them at the end of the day, when you’re robbing the players who are passionate about playing their country’s vehicles together.
Same goes for Canada.

I think it’s quite understandable, M1A1 AIM is very much American. Boxer CRV might have a better case.

It’s not understandable, it doesn’t matter which country built the tank, it only matters which country’s forces it is in service for. The M1A1 AIM is the Australian Army MBT, it should be in the Great Britain tree along with all other Australian vehicles for the reasons I mentioned.

The British tree isn’t a commonwealth tree. It’d only make sense if it was unique to some extent, preferably Australian built like the Sentinel tanks. CAC Sabre is about the minimum uniqueness I’d say to be a British vehicle. But Britain getting Canadian Leopard 1s/2s and Australian Abrams and Indian T-72s/T-90s, Pakistani Type 90-IIs, Bangladeshi Type 15s, Jordanian Leclercs you can see how ridiculous this is, Britain would have EVERYONEs tanks.

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The problem is, to someone like you who doesn’t really care where the M1A1 AIM goes, it doesn’t matter where it is. To someone like me who cares a great deal about playing the Australian vehicles, it’s extremely unfair for someone like you to say that it’s OK for my country’s vehicles to be split between different tech trees preventing me from playing them together in lineups. As the British tree is where Australian vehicles have been put, and it’s the most sensible place for them to be put, that is where ALL Australian vehicles need to be kept.
Why upset the only people to who the M1A1 AIM’s location actually matters?

If I didn’t care I wouldn’t bring it up, I’d prefer it stay US. Likewise I’m not very happy at all the South African vehicles in the UK tech tree. A separate combined commonwealth tree maybe.

They do feel like a replacement for what more homegrown vehicles could have been added instead. Then they put the Cent mk.2 in a Battle Pass ☹️ Oh, and the AEC being locked behind scarcity (I wouldn’t recommend it though, I never found much use for it).


The south africa tree was basically britian getting worse versions of their own stuff in literally every case, with the only good south African vehicles being the rooikat 105 and the class 3 p with the later not even getting into the British tree for some reason and gaijin now giving it a fictional th800 name to justify its inclusion in the german tree.

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Eland is very good too tbh. Would have prefered Saladin 90