Lets talk about the state of Germany

Laughs in 3 German Tanks and Maus removal.

KF-41 came with Spikes asap, PUMA still doesn’t get them after however long since it got added.


KF-41 came with spikes because they were tested prior via Freccia & the Chinese event tank.
Spike PUMA will come, and will be vastly better than KF-41.

Like the PSO being vastly better than 2A5 or swedish STRV 122 (not)?


PSO is a piece of crap, lets be fair. At this point I’ll go ahead and say 2PL is a better investment simply because its turret protection actually works in an arc (due to all Leopard 2A5+ vehicles underperforming when it comes to CE protection - reported it twice in the past year btw, both reports ignored), and has 2nd generation thermals (should be third…), yet both are straight up inferior to the normal 2A5… and MBT added in 2019. UHT is highly situational, meta on some maps, but unironically inferior to the Bo-105 on other maps due to PARS guidence being straight up dogshit (thanks Gaijin for nerfing it…). While Germany isn’t treated particularly bad, I really wouldn’t reach as far as to say they’re being treated well.

Also KF-41 is a worse PUMA…

Couldn’t disagree more tbh. KF 41s StrikeShield > MUSS, their main cannon firepower is identical, but KF 41 refuses to spall for some reason. Unless they fix all the things wrong about the Puma, KF 41 will remain overall superior even if the former receives its ATGMs.


While I agree the UHT is extremly situational, I wouldn’t call it inferior to the Bo-105 since the UHT can also carry more HOT-3s while still having thermals and stingers. Although HOTs are definitely not top tier worthy missiles in the first place.

I said it depends on the map. If I have to play on something like Advance to the Rhine, i’d rather be in the Bo-105 - why? Because it can guide its ATGMs manually, meanwhile no matter how many PARS I dump, chances are 100% of them will explode/lose lock a second into the flight.

I meant that the Tiger UHT can also equip and manually guide hots. I personally wouldn’t take a Bo-105 to top tier since it can’t really do anything a UHT can’t. Unless you’re comparing by their respective BRs, then I guess you’re right.

Oh yeah i totally see Tiger UHs killing 15 enemies every battle. Not like theres even any point in spawning one since by the time a ka50 or ah64 spawn in the games already over. On top of that youve got the su25 and a10, CAS jets that NO other nation has a competitor to.


lol A-10 & Su-25 are the worst CAS options for top ground.
All Tornadoes, F-14, all F-16s, Mirage 2000s… all better options.

Ill take it that you dont play top tier. Because if you did play top tier youd see how many people die to those 2 jets.

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Dying to the worst CAS at 12.0… lol

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in Air RB it really is the worst available

don’t know about ground tho

Nah it good sure might not compare to top tier CAS but it 10.3 it good enough for it BR

Yes this i agree

Hell no seem to be good there only one thing holding it back it turns time too slow very hard to get nose on target and make other with that turn rate wasting to much time (if you wanna play safe against pantsir) if turn a little bit better it might be among the good one also F-14 F-16C mirage 2000 are in fighter planform they can defense itself if there are fighter try to kill them Tornado can’t do this

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I play Almost exclusively toptier and I haven’t seen an A10 get a kill for months? The frogfoot gets kills through numbers, not by being particularly effective.

Were both essentially just saying ‘i saw, i feel’ neither of us is going to believe the others opinions.

gaijin now decided to nerf PUMA damage, the only weapon it relies on and now it does absolutely no damage, i couldn’t kill a M1 Abrams on the side even though the ammo was passing right between the crew, the spalling disappeared in middle of the tank without damaging the crew, now its completely unusable great job gaijin, and this isn’t only a 1 time occurrence it happened over and over around 9 times by now i give up dude its impossible


That vehicle is ridiculous in its current BR. Also, I would add, that Germany does not have a 10.0 lineup, there is only PUMA and TAM 2C in 10.0. It’s just useless stupidity.

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@AlvisWisla puma is better than bmp2m right?

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At least as fast, far more armored, as good of a main gun, soft-kill APS.
The only thing it’s missing are spikes and it’s superior across the board by far.

Hahaha i knew it

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