Lets talk about the state of Germany

Well, this… Are they imbecile or they pretend to be?
ofc They can’t find them in Swedish tender because it a god damn GERMAN TANK!!!


Those are nothing but Russian main they just love pathetic easy mode playing style and think of themselves that have higher skills than anyone else but in truth they are nothing.


no big suprise when you can as ru main just aim in the general direction except for strv122
and get free kills while everyone has to aim for weakspots that are none :D

The cope of US mains is unbelievable


Should’ve looked in the thread where they made today’s post. Some clown called Count_Trackula tried baiting real hard that IBD wasn’t capable of making armours :D


So thats it? we wont get better armor? all for nothing? Worse cheek armor then even the leopard 2a5?


Yes. Again we meet same as was with pso


not better armor but they wrote that they want to change the damage model

Regarding the slightly lower turret protection than the Leopard 2A6, small differences in durability within ~2~5% do not affect this tank’s protection, and are due to the difference in vehicle geometry. In the near future, we will update the DM for Leopard 2 tanks, therefore correcting any minor discrepancies.

whatever that means

Obvios nerf for leo 2a5 and 6 incomming, cant let germany have something thats as good as swedens mbt

I dont think a nerf, if I understand this correctly it will fix the armor holes

but its funny to me that they really are trying to tell us that sweden can built better armor then germany XD

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they wont admit they are lazy and they dont wanna just copy and paste the 2A6 turret into the 2A7V

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Yeah, it seems to me that they didnt even read anything that was provided, if they wouldve they would know how the 2A7Vs protection looks like but saying “there is no indication the armor was ever improved” or “it aligns with the sweden tender” is just lazy, just like with the Abrams


its obvious they didnt read it by the simple fact that they didnt even state even a single bit of info regarding the post most likely making up stuff based on their own “studies” from an inform made over 20 years ago, and the same went for the abrams their “study” they didnt read anything on the abrams post and they obviously wont do it on the 2a7v either


The way Gaijin treats bug reports honestly feels superficial, like they just use it to make it look like they take community advice seriously.

its because they do it like that, they really do not care unless it has to be with buffing a russian tank

dose anybody have full configuration data about '94 sweden mbt contest?

Quite honestly that “discussion”-article is downright insulting.

Not only makes basing the A7Vs armor on a 30-year old, pre-A5 Prototype absolutely no sense whatsoever, according to Gaijin Sweden also just developed composite-inserts that are better AND lighter than the german ones 30 years ago, and despite decades of close continued miltary cooperation Germany never got access to those and instead developed a version that performs worse while being heavier?

Their entire “Argument” doesnt even make sense considering the external armor is also worse on the A7V, despite MEXAS-H literally being developed by a German Company.

Are we supposed to assume Rheinmetall just sells Germany a worse version than Sweden for no reason or what??


it would be better than the CV90, and we cant have a German vehicle thats better than its Swedish counterpart

Leo 2A7V is now the new Leopard 2 PSO

That was to be expected. Now we wait for a community manager to say “don’t worry guys! a better german leopard is coming in 2024!” and then a gimped leo is added 2 weeks before the end of the year, and sweden gets a new best Leo. Rinse and repeat


At some point i provided evidence that all German bombs at some point was filled with Trialen 105 and send it as a bug report.


The problem is even if we give the the information they need on plate of gold they will just use a cheap excuse to ignore us and not implement what the community suggests.

They don’t care about what was implemented in real life and how it was used they only care about what things they see practical from their pov and nothing else.